A Deep Dive into Innovative Technologies about Sneaker Sole Cleaners

Nowadays, sneakers are very common in our daily life. They are an important part of fashion and athletic culture in modern society. Common sneaker sole cleaners include football boot cleaner, basketball shoe cleaner, boot scrapers and brushes, and so on. To keep our sneakers clean and shiny, sneaker sole cleaning technologies have developed year over year. In this blog, we will explore some of the most innovative cleaning methods available today. From high-tech devices to sustainable solutions, we will show you the world of sneaker sole cleaning technologies. So, grab your sneakers and get ready to learn about keeping them fresh and clean!

1. Traditional Methods of Sneaker Sole Cleaners

Before introducing the innovative technologies, you must understand traditional methods of cleaning sneaker soles. Generally speaking, people often wash shoes with a mix of warm water and soap. They tend to use an old toothbrush or cloth to scrub away dirt and stains. In some cases, sneaker owners also turn to baking soda and vinegar solutions for tough stains. Besides, others may also adopt a boot brush with work boot cleaner. However, people have to wash the sports shoes by hand. It may take much time and labor to keep the sneakers clean and dry.

2. Sneaker Cleaning Kit

Sneaker cleaning kits have been more and more popular lately. These kits often include specialized boot brushes, sneaker cleaner, shoe whitener and microfiber towels. The brushes set are used to brush different parts of various shoes, including the bottom of sneakers. The sneaker cleaning solution is carefully formulated to remove dirt and stains powerfully without damaging the shoes. For example, in the UK, the football boot cleaner kit is a must-have tool for football lovers. They may use the football boot cleaners once or twice a week.

2.1 What is the best way to clean sneaker soles with the sneaker cleaning kit?

1). Shake the shoe cleaner well before use, find the dirty area to be cleaned, press gently 1-2 times, spray the stained area several times. Spray more times for serious stains.

2). Wait for about 5 seconds, then brush with a bristle brush.

3). If the treatment area is large or with stubborn stains, pls increase the dosage on the boot cleaner brush, cleaning time and frequency.

4). After cleaning, dry with paper towel or clean towel with clean water.

3. High-Tech Sneaker Cleaning Devices

3.1 Ultrasonic shoe cleaner:

The world of science and technology has offered us more choices to keep shoe clean. Many users may wonder how to clean bottom of sneakers with ultrasonic shoe cleaner. Let me explain the working principles to you. Ultrasonic cleaning devices use sound waves to create tiny bubbles that gently clean the sneakers. The ultrasonic cleaner makes numerous water bubbles as they expand. And when they burst, they erase the stains easily.

Besides, these ultrasonic shoe cleaners are safe for most boot and shoe materials.  They can deep clean the stains in full details from the shoe surface to hard-to-reach areas, even the bottom of shoes. If you want to get better cleaning effects, pls add warm water and shoe detergent into the device.

3.1.1 How to use the Ultrasonic shoe cleaner

This shoe sanitizing machine is multifunctional, and easy to use.

a. Place the dirty shoes or muddy boots in the machine and fill it with water to the greatest level.

b. Close the lid and push the left button to select the washing time (90s, 180s, 280s, 380s, or 480s), then the right button to begin.

The display shows the time, and the shoe bottom cleaner shuts down automatically when the timer runs out.

3.2 Electric shoe cleaner

Another high-tech choice is the electric sneaker sole cleaner. These shoe cleaner machines feature rotating belt brushes that scrub away dirt and grime. Some shoe cleaning machine can even dry clean your heavy duty muddy boots without adding any water into the machine. These electric cleaners are easy to use, efficient, and provide a thorough and deep cleaning experience.

Let me take Glikon’s latest electric shoe cleaner for example. Ourshoe sanitizer machine is especially designed for home, factories, air shower room, building entrances. In these places, workers need to clean soles efficiently and frequently. The shoe cleaning station consists of 2 areas, washing zone and drying zone. Just step onto the shoe bottom cleaning machine, then your shoe soles can be washed and dried automatically within 3-5 seconds.

sneaker sole cleaner machine G-SJ1001
Sneaker sole cleaner machine G-SJ1005

3.3 UV Shoe Sanitizers

Recently, ultraviolet shoe sanitizers are also hot-selling in Amazon and other platforms. As we all know, after we do sports and sweat a lot, the sports shoes tend to be warm, dark and wet. This is the perfect breeding ground for odors and bacterial. If you are too busy to wash sneakers, you can also turn to commercial laundry for help. The commercial washers and dryers in the laundry can help you. Or just refresh your shoes with the UV shoe sterilizers within 15 minutes. The light can quickly disinfects shoes and removes odors. This UV shoe cleaner, freshens shoes without leaving harmful chemical residue. It can refresh various shoes, like mesh shoes, trainers, coconut shoes, basketball shoes, canvas shoes, skateboarding shoes, dress shoes and leather shoes. This uv light shoe cleaner can automatically shuts down for safety. Each set includes 2 shoe sanitizers and 2 UV-proof bags.

3.4 Boot and shoe scrubber

The scrubber is perfect for cleaning heavy duty boots and shoes. You can use the shoe machine in garages, barns, ranches and shop areas. The three sets of brushes on the bottom can handle even the thickest dirt easily. The shoe cleaning stand is long-lasting for its strong maple interchangeable brushes and steel frame. Side bristles are made of softer poly, which won’t damage your shoes. Bottom brushes are made of stiff nylon, so they can thoroughly clean soles of footwear. You can also use the automatic boot scrubber to clean your industrial shoes or work boots.

If you play basketball, then you can also add basketball shoe bottom cleaner to the soles, then scrub the soles on the shoe scrubber. In this way, you can get your shoes cleaned thoroughly.

boot and shoe scrubber
boot and shoe polisher

4. Sustainable Sneaker Sole Cleaners.

As people care more about environment protection and sustainability, the sneaker industry has developed eco-friendly sole cleaners. These boot cleaners are made from natural ingredients rather than harmful chemicals. Some companies have developed plant-based cleaning solutions while doing no harm to the environment.

In addition, there are sole cleaners for sneakers that make for a waste-free lifestyle. These cleaners are made from materials like bamboo and recycled plastic. They often come in reusable packaging, minimizing waste generation. Let’s work together to build a greener world by doing little things in our daily life.

5. The Prospect of Sneaker Sole Cleaners:

As technology keeps advancing, the future of sneaker cleaner looks promising. Scientists are exploring the use of nanoparticles and self-cleaning materials in sole cleaner for sneakers. They could repel dirt and minimize the need for regular cleaning. There is also ongoing research into biodegradable cleaning solutions to reduce the environmental pollution.

The way we maintain our favorite sneakers has changed greatly thanks to innovative technology for cleaning shoe soles. From high-tech electric shoe cleaner to sustainable and eco-friendly options, sneaker lovers now have a range of choices to keep their soles clean and maintain their sneaker investments. As technology continues to develop, amazing advancements are expected in the world of sneaker sole cleaning. So, next time you start to clean shoe bottoms, remember the impressive options available to keep them fresh, clean, and ready for whatever adventure lies ahead!

Common Troubleshooting of Glikon Sanitation Station for shoes

As you know, after using shoe sanitation station for a certain period of time, some common problems may come up. It’s quite normal. Don’t worry, we will share with you the most common problems about hygiene stations and the ways to solve them.

P-series hygiene station

1. Power Failure

If the electric shoe cleaner can’t start or there is no power supply, first check whether the power plug is in place and the outlet is working properly. If you find the power cord damaged or if it has poor contact, you can replace the cord or fix the contact problem.

plug of sanitation station
plug of shoe sanitizing machine

2. The Sanitation Station does not work


1) Make sure the power supply is OK, the leakage protection plug switch is on; and check whether the power cord is intact.

2) See if the voltage can meet your local requirements;

3) Check whether the sensor display light is red, then make sure there is no obstacle above the sensor, and clean the dust on the sensor surface.

4) Check if the chain is broken or if there are foreign objects jamming the chain or rollers.

3. No Drainage From Hygiene Station


1). First check whether the auto light on the control panel is on.

2). Check to see if something clogs the drain outlet.

3). Examine the water level sensor for silt buildup.

4). Check pump for air ingress, then reconnect the pipe and let the air out.

5). Check whether the water pump is working normally (manually press the suction button, observe whether there is a response). Usually, no response indicates that water pump terminals are disconnected or bad!

4. The Hygiene station does not take in water:

1). First check whether the electric shoe cleaner’s control panel auto light is on.

2). Check the water inlet solenoid valve for clogging.

3). Check if the water level sensor is covered with silt or if the light is always on. When the water level sensor light is always on, there won’t be water intake.

4). Check whether the main gate on the water inlet switch is open.

used area of shoe sole cleaner machine

5. Water leakage from the Shoe Sole Cleaning Machine

1). First check if the control panel auto light is on.

2). Check if the sole cleaner machine is flat and the floor is level.

3). Check whether you put the water level sensor well, and whether the water level is too high. Normally, the water level should be just about 1cm over the sanitation station slot.

4). Check whether the shoe sole cleaner machine has a parallel pipe.

You can’t use the drain and pipe simultaneously if there are two or more shoe sanitizing machines in use.

5). Installation of check valves can only stop clear water rather than sewage, because sewage contains sand.

Excessive water pressure can sometimes wash out the valves. This will cause water to back up into the other automatic shoe cleaning machine. As a result, the other shoe cleaning machine will be full of water.

water leakage from the sanitation station

6.The Suction Device Stops Working:

Cause: A damaged dirt suction motor.

Solution: Replace the dirt suction motor with a new one.

Step 1. Turn off the power of the sanitation station.

Step 2. Remove the suction motor’s lower housing and connecting wires, then take out the suction motor that needs replacing.

Step 3. Install the new suction motor into the housing and connect the power cord.

(Note: Connect the red wire to the + pole of the motor and the black wire to the – pole of the motor)

Step 4. Install the lower housing of the suction motor.

Sanitation station doesn't work

7. The Machine Runs Automatically Even If No One Passes By:

Reason 1: The water level is too low

Solution 1: Ensure that the water level of the sneaker cleaning machine pass the normal working water level line.

Reason 2: There’s air in the pump.

Solution 2: Repeatedly press the drain switch several times.

8. There is abnormal sound when the hygiene station is running

Reason: the motor bearing lack of oil.

(1) Check whether the chain and gears are intact, and add lubricant from time to time.

(2) Check whether the bearings at both ends of the main and driven shafts are intact; if there is a noise from the water pump, you can dismantle the pump and check whether there is any foreign matter inside.

9. The Industrial washer has erratic or sporadic pressure after start-up.

Reason: Air went into the high pressure pump or inlet line

Solution: You need to check whether the pressure of the water source is enough and whether the water inlet filter is clogged. If you find the water inlet filter clogged, remove the filter and clean it with water.

10. After normal operation for a certain period of time, the pressure of the sole cleaning machine reduced.

Solution: pls check whether the high-pressure nozzle is seriously worn.

11. There is an abnormal noise inside the high-pressure water pump after the sole cleaner is started.

The first judgement is that the high-pressure water pump has inhaled air.

Secondly, check whether the flow valve spring or the crankcase bearing is OK.

12. The Crankcase lubricating oil becomes cloudy or milky white.

This means that the oil seal inside the high-pressure water pump is not sealed tightly or has been damaged.

Solution: you should replace it timely, otherwise the impurities in the water will seriously damage the service life of the crankshaft and connecting rods, which will completely damage the high-pressure water pump.

13. Oil dripping from the bottom of the high pressure water pump

Cause: The oil seal inside the pump is damaged and needs to be replaced in time. When the high-pressure pump is running, the crankshaft and connecting rods are constantly making back-and-forth movements.

Solution: At this time, inject oil to give the device lubrication and cooling.

14. The high-pressure pipe vibrates violently when the shoe sole cleaning machine is running.

Cause: Valve working disorder.

Solution: Re-pressurisation is required.

B-series shoe washing station

Frequently Asked Questions About Glikon Electric Cleaning Scrubber

Recently, more and more customers show interest in Glikon’s electric cleaning scrubber for shoes. Before purchase, they have a lot of questions on mind. After sales, they also wonder how to use and maintain the shoe sole cleaner machine properly. Don’t worry, in this post, I will make a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers about the automatic shoe cleaning machine. 

Application of Electrical cleaning scrubber

1. Pre-sales Q&A about Electric Cleaning Scrubbers

Q1: Glikon has 3 series of shoe sole cleaner machine. What is the difference among them?

A1: We have B-series designed for air shower room. P-series shoe wash station is for factories, workshops, cleanrooms, building entrances. G-series is for home, small offices, hotels, hospitals, libraries, and food industry.

Q2:What is the difference between brushed motor cleaner G-SJ1004 and G-SJ1005?

A3: The only difference is their design. G-SJ1004 shoe bottom cleaner has a bevel angle, while G-SJ1005 has a right angle.

Difference of electric cleaning scrubber G-SJ1004 and G-SJ1005

Q3: In terms of efficiency, will the G-series electric shoe sole cleaners have less performance than P-series?

A4: In terms of cleaning capability, P-series is 20%-30% stronger than G-series. In fact, they have the same motorized cleaning brush.

Q4: What is the difference of changing water for the 3 series motorized brush cleaners?

Using P-series boot sole cleaner, you can change water both automatically and manually.

With G-series, you can only change water by hand.

If you use B-series, you can only change water automatically.

For specific instructions of P-series, pls refer to the video below:

If you want to know the operations of G-series electric cleaning scrubber, pls check the video below: 

Q5: What are the requirements for P-series electric shoe brush cleaner to use automatic model?

As for P-series shoe sanitizing machine, if you want to use automatic mode, you must get 1 power plug, 1 water inlet which can supply clean water continuously and 1 water outlet than can discharge the sewage.

pls see the picture below:

Inlet and outlet of electrical cleaning scrubber

2. After-sales Q&A about Electric Cleaning Scrubber for shoe soles

Q1: Could you tell me how to replace the suction motor for the Electric Cleaning Scrubber?

 1). Power off the motorized scrubber.

2). Remove the lower spiral shell of the suction motor and the connection line, and take out the suction motor to be replaced.

3). Put the new suction motor into the shell and connect the power cord.

(Note: the red wire is connected to the + pole of the motor, the black wire is connected to the – pole of the motor)

4). Install the lower spiral shell of the suction motor.

if the motor does not work after the replacement, please adjust the power cord of the suction motor.

Q2: What maintenance need to be taken to ensure the cleanliness from P-series?

As for the maintenance of the P-series sole cleaner machine.

Here are my several tips for you:

1)  Clean the water absorbent pad regularly.

2)  Clean the water tank manually if there is too much sediment.

3)  Lubricate the drive chain, drive shaft bearings and driven shaft bearings of the automatic boot scrubber every 6 months.

4) Replace the belt brush if necessary. If the electric shoe cleaning brush is used for long, then the effects of deep cleaning may decrease.

Q3: Could you tell me how to clean the water tank manually? How to clean the water absorb pad?

A3: About cleaning the water tank and absorb pad. Here are the tips:

1). First soak the absorbent pad with common cleanser and disinfectant, then wash and squeeze it into half-dry state.

2). You can also use an electric shoe cleaner brush to clean the water tank if there exist too much dirt.

Q4: How do you do with after sales service. Who do we contact?

A4: As for customer service, you can contact us by email or whatsapp, Skype. If you have problems, we can offer online guidance or technical instruction videos to you.  This is because the operating is very easy.  just follow the instructions step by step, and problems will get settled.

Q5: Can we pay you for this item via PayPal or credit card?

A5:Yes, we support Paypal payment. However, it is only feasible when the total value of the sanitation stations is less than 5000 dollars.

Q6: Could you tell me something about payment terms?

A6: With regards to payment terms, if the order quantity is small, we require 100% payment in advance via T/T.

However, for larger orders of sneaker sole cleaners, we require a 40% payment in advance, with the remaining 60% to be paid before delivery.

Q7: How to maintain Glikon’s electric cleaning scrubber? Are there spare parts available? How often should it be maintained?

A7: To ensure optimal functioning of the shoe sole cleaner machine, several maintenance practices need to be observed.

Firstly, the nylon in the dry area needs to be replaced in a timely manner.

Secondly, the sediment in the tank requires regular cleaning every 3-4 weeks.

Lastly, it is necessary to grease the motor chain every 3-4 months to prevent any malfunction. And belt brushes need to be replaced in 7-8 months.

Q8: As there is a water tank, shall I understand that cleaning process uses water or what kind of chemical shall we use?

A8: When using electric shoe brush cleaner, it is necessary to manually change the water periodically. Moreover, to enhance the deep cleaning effectiveness of the shoe cleaning machine, you had better add the appropriate amount of disinfectant into the water tank.

How To Select the Best Industrial Boot Scrubber and Boot Cleaning Machine?

Nowadays, people from different workplaces attach great importance to indoor hygiene and health. However, when you decide to buy boot cleaning machine, too many choices always confuse you. You may wonder which industrial boot scrubber is the best? How to get the best cleaning effects with limited budget? Don’t worry, my friend! In this article, I will give you the reasons to use the machine, a detailed introduction of 3 series of our shoe cleaner machine, and the features of each series. Besides, I will share some tips about how to choose the right one.

The use of boot cleaning station

 1. Why Should you use Automatic boot cleaning station?

1.1 Contamination Control:

In factories, it is vital to maintain a clean environment to prevent contamination. Boots worn by workers may take dirt, debris, bacteria, or other microorganisms. A boot cleaning machine can effectively remove these contaminants. In this way, they cause zero risks to the product and the consumers who will buy the product.

1.2 Improved Employee Safety:

The use of a boot washer machine can prevent slips or falls that can cause injuriesto factory workers. Workers’ boots can get slippery from grease, oils, or other substances on the floor. In this case, worker may fall easily. Boot washers remove these substances, so less accidents will happen in the workshop.

1.3 Cost-Effective Solution:

Compared with traditional cleaning methods, our shoe bottom cleaner machine can save more costs on daily cleaning maintenance. Companies can cut down costs on employing many cleaners. Besides, company managers needn’t buy disposable shoe cover, sticky dust mat, or disposable slippers anymore. One shoe sole cleaner machine can save you all the time and labor costs! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

In summary, a boot brush station is a must for customers to maintain a safe and healthy working environment and to ensure the production of safe and hygienic products.

2. What are the best-selling boot cleaning machine in Glikon?

At present, we have 3 best-selling series.  G-series is short for general series. P-series means Passage series. B-series means Built-in series, which is usually built inside the air shower room.All of them can clean shoe bottoms automatically and efficiently. However, each series has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let me introduce them one by one.


2.1 G-series Boot Washing Station

A. Weight and Capacity

G-Series machine is the smallest one. This automatic shoe cleaner is lightweight and space-saving. The weight ranges from 24kg to 27kg, and the water tank capacity from 3L to 5L. These electric boot scrubbers are made of high quality stainless steel 304 and white baking paint. With good-looking appearance and compact design, G-SJ1001, G-SJ1004 and G-SJ1005 are very popular with customers at home and abroad.

industrial boot scrubber G-SJ1001
industrial boot scrubber G-SJ1004
industrial boot scrubber G-SJ1005

B. Wide Applications:

In terms of application, G-series shoe cleaning stand is used most widely. You can use the boot sanitizing stations for offices, home, hotels, hospitals, health care centers, small-sized factories or workshops. Some sports lover use the shoe machine cleaner as an outdoor boot wash station or football boot cleaning machine. In the UK, gardeners use it as a muddy shoe cleaner. If you don’t want to waste time on cleaning shoe soles, it is also a perfect shoe cleaning solution at home.

Boot cleaning station application
industrial boot scrubbers
The wide application of industrial boot scrubbers

C. Only Manual Mode

With G-series bottom shoe cleaner, you can only add water and drain sewage manually. The difference among G-SJ1001, G-SJ1004, and G-SJ1005 lies in the dimension and outer design. From the pictures above, you can see that the dimension and shape are not the same.However, when it comes to cleaning the bottom of shoes, they have the same functions . The machine can automatically wash and dry your shoe soles within a few seconds.

2.2 P-series Industrial Boot Scrubber:

P-series is also called industrial boot cleaner station. This series of industrial boot scrubber is specially designed for factories, dust-free workshop, and other medium-sized plants. Most of the factories need a clean and dust-free environment to ensure the good quality of the products.

A. Strong Cleaning Effects and Large Capacity:

P-series shoe and boot cleaners have very strong cleaning effects, which can meet the demand for big companies and large plants. With a microwave sensor inside, the shoe cleaner can start and stop cleaning soles and drying them automatically. It can clean the soles of muddy boots, football boots, and other heavy duty work boots. Besides, the whole process takes within a few seconds. It is very efficient for factories to clean the soles with hundreds of workers in various footwear.


Industrial boot cleaner P-SJ1130
Industrial boot cleaner P-SJ2000
Industrial boot cleaner P-SJ3000

B. Passage Design with 2 handrails:

The industrial boot cleaner station is designed with 2 handrails. These can ensure the users’ safety when walking on the machine. The main body and handrails are made of high quality stainless steel 304. These boot washers are so high-quality that you won’t see rust, corrosion, or deformation.

C. Both Automatic and Manual Modes are OK.

With P-series industrial boot scrubber, you can choose either automatic or manual mode according to your own situation. You can set the motorized boot cleaner to automatic mode if there is a water inlet and drain in the installation area. In this way, the shoe disinfectant machine can add water and drain sewage automatically.

However, if you place the machine inside the room with no water inlet and sewage outlet, pls set your industrial boot cleaner station into the manual mode. For more specific instructions, pls contact us anytime.

The application of boot washers
The use of shoe bottom cleaner
The application of P-series sole cleaner

2.3 B-Series Industrial Shoe Cleaner

A. Angular design for air shower rooms

B-series industrial boot scrubber has a very angular and cubic design. That’s because the electric boot cleaner has to be built inside the air shower room. The installation and use will be very convenient for operators in the factory.

The industrial boot scubber B-SJ860
The industrial boot scrubber B-SJ1860
The industrial boot scrubber B-SJ2860

B. Heavy Weight and Large Tank Capacity

B-series industrial boot cleaning station is the heaviest one among the 3 series. The net weight ranges from 75kg to 160kg. The tank capacity varies from 10L to 30L. You can choose the size of the boot and shoe cleaner according to your own needs.

C. Super Cleaning Capability

The boot wipers can clean bottom sole of various shoes, such as heavy duty work boots, muddy boots, football boots, sneakers, leather boots, sandals, dress shoes, etc. They won’t damage your shoes.

In a word, these are general introduction of G-series, P-series, and B-series. Do you know how to choose the best electric boot cleaner? If you still have any other questions about our electric cleaning scrubber, pls read our latest blog carefully.

The application of B-series shoe cleaning device
The application of B-series boot washer machine

3. How to choose the right sole cleaner machine?

Choosing the right machine is an important decision. Here are some factors to consider:

3.1 Place of Use

Different places have different requirements. If you use the auto shoe cleaner for home or hotels, G-series is the best choice. P-series is perfect for factories, workshops,and gymnasiums, etc. B-series is mostly used in air shower rooms.

3.2 Budget

When you want to buy the shoe cleaning machine, pls read the prices listed on the website. Just select the one within your budget or target price. You can also compare prices among different websites, then find the product at reasonable prices.

3.3 Installation Space

Think about where you want to install the shoe sanitizing machine. Measure the space and find the machine that is neither too large nor too small for your installation area.

3.4 Cleaning Capacity

Generally speaking, P-Series and B-series have stronger cleaning effects and larger tank capacity for G-series. All in all, each series has its own unique competitive edges. If you still don’t know how to make a choice, you had better consult with Glikon sales for technical support. We can provide specific recommendations based on your facility’s needs and requirements.

Can I Clean Various Shoes With Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaning Machine?

Nowadays, people attach great importance to the indoor hygiene and cleanliness. With the fast pace of modern society, they prefer to use automatic shoe sole cleaning machine to deal with shoe cleaning rather than washing shoes manually. Luckily, Glikon is a very professional manufacturer and wholesaler of shoe sole cleaner machine of high quality. Our company can spare you from this trouble. With this shoe soles cleaning machine, people can avoid taking dirt and debris into the indoor area efficiently. Just step onto the machine, then your shoe soles can be cleaned and dried within several seconds. Sounds really great, right?

However, people may wonder what kind of shoes can be cleaned through this shoe cleaner machine. Don’t worry, I will share with you some tips about how to clean different kinds of shoes.

1. What Shoes Can be Cleaned by Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaning Machine?

Glikon’s boot cleaner machine is typically designed for cleaning the soles of shoes. This machine is suitable for various types of shoes, including sneakers, sports shoes, work boots, and casual shoes. The shoe soles cleaning machine can efficiently remove dirt, mud, and grime from the soles and sides of the shoes. However, it is not ideal for delicate and expensive shoes made of materials such as leather, suede, and velvet, which require a more delicate cleaning method. So, you had better check Glikon’s instructions and manual before using a sole machine on your shoes.

Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaning Machine P-SJ2000

2. How to Clean Shoe Soles with Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaning Machine?

Cleaning shoes with a sole machine can be an effective way to keep your shoes looking clean and fresh. Here are some strategies for how to clean various types of shoes using this type of machine:

1) Sneakers and Sports Shoes:

Sneakers can be cleaned easily with a shoe cleaning machine. Simply place your sneakers on the machine and turn it on. Before using the machine, just read the manual of the machine and follow the machine’s instructions.

2)Work Boots or Industrial Boots:

Work boots can be cleaned effectively with a sole cleaner machine. Just step onto the boot cleaning machine and follow the correct instructions.

Attention: Glikon’s shoes sole cleaner can only clean the soles of your shoes. If you want to clean the upper part of sneakers, industrial boots, and work boots, please using a soft cloth and a brush to gently scrub away dirt and stains. Since the automatic shoe sole cleaning machine is so versatile, you can use it as an industrial shoe cleaner machine, cleanroom shoe cleaner, domestic shoe sole washing machine and bowling shoe sole cleaning machine. One investment, but multiple gains.

For more related information, you can also visit this blog: How To Clean Muddy Boots Easily?


automatic shoe sole cleaning machine G-SJ1004

3. Tips of Cleaning Other Shoes Without Shoes Sole Cleaners

Q1:Is It Okay to Wash Climbing Shoes In A Washing Machine?

No, it isn’t recommended to wash climbing shoes in a washing machine. The agitators in washing machines can cause damage to the delicate materials of the climbing shoes. And the temperature of the water may also affect the glue that holds the shoes together. Instead, you can clean climbing shoes by using a soft-bristled brush, mild soap, and cool water. After cleaning, allow the shoes to air-dry away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Q2:What is the Best Way to Clean White Mesh Shoes?

The best way to clean white mesh shoes is as follows:

  • Remove any loose dirt from the shoes with a soft-bristled brush or clean, dry cloth.
  • Mix a small amount of mild laundry detergent or dish soap with warm water in a bowl or basin.
  • Dip a soft-bristled brush or clean cloth into the soapy water and gently scrub the mesh areas of the shoes. Be careful not to scrub too hard, as the industrial boot scrubber can damage the mesh.
  • If the shoes have stains, you can make a paste using a mixture of baking soda and water and apply it to the stained areas. Stay still for a while, then use a soft-bristled brush to scrub gently.
  • Rinse the shoes thoroughly with clean water to remove all the soap and baking soda residue.
  • To get rid of excess water from the shoes, stuff them with clean, dry paper towels. This will also help the shoes maintain their shape while air-drying.
  • Allow the shoes to air-dry away from direct sunlight and heat sources, as direct sunlight can cause the white color to fade over time.

If the shoes are particularly dirty or have tough stains, you may need to repeat the cleaning process a few times to get them looking their best.

Q3:What is the Best Way to Clean Muddy Leather Shoes?

The best way to clean muddy leather shoes is to use a soft cloth or brush to remove any loose dirt or mud. You can then use a damp cloth to gently wipe away any remaining dirt from the soles and sides. Avoid using too much water as it can damage the leather. If the mud has left stains on the leather, use a leather cleaner and boot scrubber specifically designed for removing stains. Choose suitable boot cleaners, then apply a small amount of the cleaner to a cloth and gently rub it into the stained area. Then, use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away any excess cleaner and allow the shoes to air dry.

Automatic shoe sole cleaning machine application

Q4: What Would Happen If I Washed Suede?

Washing suede can cause permanent damage to the material. Suede is a delicate surface material that is made from the underside of animal skin, so it is more sensitive to water than other types of leather. If you wash suede, it will likely cause the material to become stiff, discolored, and the surface may even crack or flake. Additionally, suede is absorbent, so washing it can cause it to soak up water and other liquids, leaving permanent stains. If you need to clean suede shoes or clothing, I would recommend using a specialized suede cleaner and following the product instructions carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shoe Cleaner Machine

1. What are the Boot Cleaning Systems of Glikons Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaner Machines?

The most common cleaning systems include brushes, water jets, and sprayers. Some models may also use disinfectant solutions and UV-C light to sanitize the soles of the shoes. The brushes on the machine can be made of different materials, such as nylon, horsehair or other synthetic fibers. And the shoe sanitizing station can be designed to move in multiple directions to clean the soles effectively. The water jets or sprayers help to loosen any dirt or debris present on the soles of the shoes, while the disinfectant solution and UV-C light helps to kill any germs or bacteria that may be present.

2. What About the Delivery Time of the Sole Washing Machine?

The delivery time depends on the ways of shipping and the distance from our boot sanitizing station factory. Please submit your contact information and specific address when place your order on the website.

Why Shoe Cleaners Are Necessary for Gymnasiums and Basketball Arenas

When it comes to athletic performance, every detail matters. From the right equipment to the perfect training regimen, athletes are always looking for ways to improve their game. But there’s one detail that often goes overlooked: the cleanliness of their shoes. 

In gymnasiums and basketball arenas, the constant use of athletic shoes can result in a buildup of dirt, dust, and debris on the soles. This can lead to safety hazards and performance issues, as well as hygiene concerns. That’s where shoe cleaners come in, providing a critical solution to keep the court clean and athletes at their best. 

Safety Hazards and Performance Issues

When athletes step onto the court, they need to trust their footing. Whether they’re jumping, cutting, or pivoting, they must rely on the traction of their shoes. A buildup of dirt and debris on the soles can compromise that traction, resulting in slips and falls that may cause serious injury. 

Besides, it’s not just about safety. The performance of athletes can be affected as well. Dirt and debris on the soles of shoes can add extra weight, throwing off the balance and comfort of the shoe. This can cause discomfort and even blisters or other foot injuries, which can stop the athletes from doing their best. 

Additionally, the debris on the soles of shoes can cause damage to the court. As players move across the court, the dirt and debris can get ground into the surface, causing scratches and scuffs that detract from the appearance of the court. Over time, this can lead to a degradation of the surface, making it risky for athletes and less visually appealing for spectators.

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Hygiene Concerns 

In addition to the safety hazards and performance issues caused by dirty shoes, there are also hygiene concerns. Athletic shoes can harbor bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms that can threaten the health of athletes and others in the facility. This is especially true in locker rooms, where athletes are changing in close proximity to each other and to the floor. 

The use of boot sanitizer can help to mitigate these hygiene concerns. By removing dirt and debris from the soles of shoes, shoe cleaners help prevent the spread of bacteria and germs on the court. In addition, our shoe cleaning machine is equipped with built-in sanitizing systems, so it can reduce the risk of infection and illness.

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Types of Shoe Cleaners 

There are several different types of shoe bottom cleaners that can be used in gymnasiums and basketball arenas, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Some of the most common types of shoe cleaners include: 

1) Mats and Brushes

One of the simplest and most cost-effective shoe sole cleaners is a mat or brush. Placed at the entrance to the court, these devices allow athletes to quickly clean their shoes before stepping onto the court. While not as effective as some of the more advanced shoe cleaners, mats and brushes can help reduce the amount of dirt and debris that gets onto the court. 

2) Automatic Shoe Cleaners

For a more advanced solution, some facilities invest in electric boot cleaners. These machines use a combination of brushes, air jets, and vacuum suction to remove dirt and debris from the soles of shoes, leaving them clean and dry. Some even have built-in sanitizing systems that help kill germs and bacteria on the soles of shoes. 

3) Shoe Cleaning Stations

Another option is a shoe cleaning station, which includes a mat or brush as well as a cleaning solution that can be sprayed onto the soles of shoes. These stations are more effective than simple mats or brushes, but they can also be more expensive. 

4) Investing in a Good Shoe Cleaner 

Given the importance of boot sole cleaners in gymnasiums and basketball arenas, investing in a high-quality sole cleaner is a smart choice for any facility that hosts athletic events. Not only do shoe cleaners help to prevent safety hazards and performance issues, but they also play an important role in maintaining the hygiene of the facility. 

When choosing boot cleaners, it’s important to consider the needs of the facility and the athletes who use it.

Some factors to consider include: 

a. Size of the facility: A larger facility may require multiple shoe cleaners to ensure that all athletes have access to them. 

b. Frequency of use: A facility that hosts frequent events may need a sole cleaner that can handle heavy use without breaking down. 

c. Type of sport: Different sports require different types of shoes, which may require different types of boot scrubbers. 

d. Budget: Boot washers range in price, so it’s important to find a solution that fits within the facility’s budget. 

When considering the budget for a shoe cleaner, it’s important to remember the cost is a small price to pay for the safety, performance, and hygiene benefits. The cost of a slip or fall on the court can be much higher, both in terms of physical harm to the athlete and liability for the facility. 


In conclusion, shoe cleaners are critical tools for maintaining the safety, performance, and hygiene of gymnasiums and basketball arenas. They provide a simple but effective solution to the problem of dirt and debris on the soles of athletic shoes, helping to prevent slips and falls, improve athletic performance, and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. 

Facilities that invest in high-quality shoe cleaners can ensure that their athletes have a safe and clean environment in which to compete, reducing the risk of injury and illness. So if you’re in charge of a facility that hosts athletic events, don’t overlook the importance of shoe cleaners – they may just be the key to taking your facility to the next level.

It’s important to note that automatic shoe sole cleaning machines are not a substitute for regular cleaning and maintenance of the facility. While they do help to keep the floors clean and safe for athletes, it’s still necessary to regularly sweep, mop, and sanitize the floors to ensure that they are free of bacteria and other contaminants.

 In addition to investing in a high-quality shoe cleaner, it’s also important to educate athletes and staff on the importance of proper footwear and keeping the floors clean. Athletes should be encouraged to wear appropriate shoes for their sport and to keep them clean and dry. Staff should be trained to identify and address safety hazards on the court, including any debris or spills that could cause slips and falls. 

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Glikon shoe sole clears for your Gymnasiums and Basketball Arenas

Finally, it’s worth noting that shoe cleaners aren’t just for gymnasiums and basketball arenas. They can be useful in any facility where athletes wear specialized shoes, such as dance studios, martial arts dojos, and indoor soccer fields. Any facility that hosts athletic events can benefit from the use of a high-quality shoe cleaner. 

In conclusion, shoe cleaners play a critical role in ensuring the safety, performance, and hygiene of gymnasiums and basketball arenas. They provide a simple but effective solution to the problem of dirt and debris on the soles of athletic shoes, helping to prevent slips and falls, improve athletic performance, and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. By investing in a high-quality electric cleaning scrubber and educating athletes and staff on the importance of proper footwear and floor maintenance, facilities can ensure a safe and clean environment for athletes to compete and thrive.