Why Shoe Cleaners Are Necessary for Gymnasiums and Basketball Arenas

When it comes to athletic performance, every little detail matters. From the right equipment to the perfect training regimen, athletes are always on the lookout for ways to improve their game. But there’s one detail that often goes overlooked: the cleanliness of their shoes. 

In gymnasiums and basketball arenas, the constant use of athletic shoes can result in a buildup of dirt, dust, and debris on the soles. This can lead to safety hazards and performance issues, as well as hygiene concerns. That’s where shoe cleaners come in, providing a critical solution to keep the court clean and athletes at their best. 

Safety Hazards and Performance Issues

When athletes step onto the court, they need to be able to trust their footing. Whether they’re jumping, cutting, or pivoting, they need to be able to rely on the traction of their shoes. A buildup of dirt and debris on the soles can compromise that traction, resulting in slips and falls that can lead to serious injury. 

But it’s not just about safety. The performance of athletes can be impacted as well. Dirt and debris on the soles of shoes can add extra weight, throwing off the balance and comfort of the shoe. This can cause discomfort and even lead to blisters or other foot injuries, which can significantly affect the ability of the athlete to perform at their best. 

Additionally, the debris on the soles of shoes can cause damage to the court. As players move across the court, the dirt and debris can get ground into the surface, causing scratches and scuffs that detract from the appearance of the court. Over time, this can lead to a degradation of the surface, making it less safe for athletes and less visually appealing for spectators.

shoe sole cleaners

Hygiene Concerns 

In addition to the safety hazards and performance issues caused by dirty shoes, there are also hygiene concerns to consider. Athletic shoes can harbor bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms that can pose a risk to the health of athletes and others in the facility. This is especially true in locker rooms, where athletes are changing in close proximity to each other and to the floor. 

The use of shoe cleaners can help to mitigate these hygiene concerns. By removing dirt and debris from the soles of shoes, shoe cleaners help prevent the spread of bacteria and germs on the court. In addition, some shoe cleaners are equipped with built-in sanitizing systems that can further reduce the risk of infection and illness.

shoe sole cleaners

Types of Shoe Cleaners 

There are several different types of shoe cleaners that can be used in gymnasiums and basketball arenas, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Some of the most common types of shoe cleaners include: 

Mats and Brushes

One of the simplest and most cost-effective shoe cleaners is a mat or brush. Placed at the entrance to the court, these devices allow athletes to quickly clean their shoes before stepping onto the court. While not as effective as some of the more advanced shoe cleaners, mats and brushes can help reduce the amount of dirt and debris that gets onto the court. 

Automatic Shoe Cleaners

For a more advanced solution, some facilities invest in automatic shoe cleaners. These machines use a combination of brushes, air jets, and vacuum suction to remove dirt and debris from the soles of shoes, leaving them clean and dry. Some even have built-in sanitizing systems that help kill germs and bacteria on the soles of shoes. 

Shoe Cleaning Stations

Another option is a shoe cleaning station, which includes a mat or brush as well as a cleaning solution that can be sprayed onto the soles of shoes. These stations are more effective than simple mats or brushes, but they can also be more expensive. 

Investing in a Good Shoe Cleaner 

Given the importance of shoe cleaners in gymnasiums and basketball arenas, it’s clear that investing in a high-quality shoe cleaner is a smart choice for any facility that hosts athletic events. Not only do shoe cleaners help to prevent safety hazards and performance issues, but they also play an important role in maintaining the hygiene of the facility. 

When choosing a shoe cleaner, it’s important to consider the needs of the facility and the athletes who use it. Some factors to consider include: 

Size of the facility: A larger facility may require multiple shoe cleaners to ensure that all athletes have access to them. 

Frequency of use: A facility that hosts frequent events may need a shoe cleaner that can handle heavy use without breaking down. 

Type of sport: Different sports require different types of shoes, which may require different types of shoe cleaners. 

Budget: Shoe cleaners range in price, so it’s important to find a solution that fits within the facility’s budget. 

When considering the budget for a shoe cleaner, it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of a shoe cleaner is a small price to pay for the safety, performance, and hygiene benefits that it provides. The cost of a slip or fall on the court can be much higher, both in terms of physical harm to the athlete and liability for the facility. 


In conclusion, shoe cleaners are a critical tool for maintaining the safety, performance, and hygiene of gymnasiums and basketball arenas. They provide a simple but effective solution to the problem of dirt and debris on the soles of athletic shoes, helping to prevent slips and falls, improve athletic performance, and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. 

Facilities that invest in high-quality shoe cleaners can ensure that their athletes have a safe and clean environment in which to compete, reducing the risk of injury and illness. So if you’re in charge of a facility that hosts athletic events, don’t overlook the importance of shoe cleaners – they may just be the key to taking your facility to the next level. 

It’s important to note that shoe cleaners are not a substitute for regular cleaning and maintenance of the facility. While they do help to keep the floors clean and safe for athletes, it’s still necessary to regularly sweep, mop, and sanitize the floors to ensure that they are free of bacteria and other contaminants.

 In addition to investing in a high-quality shoe cleaner, it’s also important to educate athletes and staff on the importance of proper footwear and keeping the floors clean. Athletes should be encouraged to wear appropriate shoes for their sport and to keep them clean and dry. Staff should be trained to identify and address safety hazards on the court, including any debris or spills that could cause slips and falls. 

shoe sole cleaners

Glikon shoe sole clears for your Gymnasiums and Basketball Arenas

Finally, it’s worth noting that shoe cleaners aren’t just for gymnasiums and basketball arenas. They can be useful in any facility where athletes wear specialized shoes, such as dance studios, martial arts dojos, and indoor soccer fields. Any facility that hosts athletic events can benefit from the use of a high-quality shoe cleaner. 

In conclusion, shoe cleaners play a critical role in ensuring the safety, performance, and hygiene of gymnasiums and basketball arenas. They provide a simple but effective solution to the problem of dirt and debris on the soles of athletic shoes, helping to prevent slips and falls, improve athletic performance, and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. By investing in a high-quality shoe cleaner and educating athletes and staff on the importance of proper footwear and floor maintenance, facilities can ensure a safe and clean environment for athletes to compete and thrive.

Step Up to Cleanliness The Importance of Shoe Sole Cleaning Machines in Food Processing Plants

Glikon shoe sole cleanning machine for Food processing plants

Food processing plants are responsible for producing a wide range of food products that we consume on a daily basis. From fresh fruits and vegetables to packaged snacks and frozen meals, these plants are essential in ensuring we have a steady supply of safe and nutritious food. But did you know that food processing plants have to follow strict hygiene and safety regulations to ensure the food they produce is safe for consumption? One important part of this process is ensuring that the floors of these facilities are kept clean and free of any contamination. In this essay, we will explore the importance of shoe sole cleaning machines in food processing plants.

Firstly, it is important to understand the potential risks of not having proper shoe sole cleaning protocols in place. The soles of our shoes can carry a variety of harmful bacteria and other contaminants, such as dirt, grime, and other foreign objects. When we walk around, these contaminants can get stuck to the bottom of our shoes and spread to other surfaces, including floors. This can be a major problem in food processing plants because any contaminants on the floors can easily spread to food products, causing foodborne illnesses and other health hazards.

shoe sole cleaning machines

To prevent this from happening, food processing plants must have a robust cleaning and sanitation protocol in place, and shoe sole cleaning machines play a critical role in this process. These machines are designed to remove any contaminants from the soles of shoes before employees enter designated areas of the facility. This helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and other contaminants and keep the facility as clean and hygienic as possible.

shoe sole cleaning machines

What is the most suitable shoe sole cleaning machine

There are many different types of shoe sole cleaning machines available, but most of them work in a similar way. Typically, these machines have a brush or other cleaning mechanism that scrubs the soles of shoes to remove any dirt or debris. Some machines also use chemicals or disinfectants to kill any bacteria or other harmful contaminants that may be present. By using these machines regularly, food processing plants can maintain a high level of cleanliness and prevent any potential contamination from occurring.

Another important aspect of shoe sole cleaning machines is that they help to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls in food processing plants. These facilities are often large and have a lot of foot traffic, which can make the floors slippery and hazardous. By using shoe sole cleaning machines, employees can ensure that their shoes are free of any debris or moisture that could cause them to slip or fall. This can help to prevent injuries and keep the facility safe for everyone who works there.

shoe sole cleaning machines

Why you need Glikon shole sole cleaner machine

It is also important to note that shoe sole cleaning machines are just one part of a larger cleaning and sanitation protocol in food processing plants. In addition to cleaning the soles of shoes, these facilities must also maintain a high level of cleanliness in other areas, including floors, walls, and equipment. This requires a lot of hard work and dedication from employees and management, as well as the use of specialized cleaning equipment and products. By maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in these facilities, food processing plants can help to prevent the spread of illness and ensure that the food products they produce are safe and healthy.

In conclusion, shoe sole cleaning machines are an essential part of the cleaning and sanitation protocol in food processing plants. By using these machines regularly, food processing plants can help to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and other contaminants, reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls, and maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. While this may seem like a small detail, it is actually a critical part of ensuring that the food we eat is safe and healthy. As consumers, we can all be grateful for the hard work and dedication of those who work in food processing plants to keep our food supply safe and nutritious.

Why do you need a garden boot cleaner?

How to manage your own garden?

Garden historian Richard Aitken said: “The garden has the power to save mankind.” In the UK, there are only three things that can cause traffic jams. They are: the Queen’s trip, the triumph of the football team, the Chelsea Flower Show to the public open. It shows the British love of gardening. The British attach great importance to gardening design. For those who do not like to socialize, the courtyard occupies an extremely important position in their home life. They would rather have a small living space, and the garden must not be small. And there are not a few private gardens that have existed for two to three hundred years.

The average expenditure of a British person on gardening in his lifetime is 30,000 pounds. These real money paid for plants, gardens, gardening books, outdoor furniture and accessories enrich the British nationals’ second largest hobby. Even in London, where the land is rich in gold, the British do not forget to carefully decorate the balcony with plants. And behind those magnificent mansions, there are private gardens surrounded by fences and cast iron gates with the “Private” sign.

garden boot cleaner

1.Garden fertilization

Fertilizing the garden’s soil regularly will help grow healthy plants. Composted fertilizers have less risk of spreading pathogens in the garden. Although there are several fertilizers to choose from, it is important to know which one is best for your plants. After fertilization, the boots will inevitably be stained with dust, dirt or fertilizer. If you enter the room directly at this time, the dirt will definitely be brought in. So how to quickly and easily to make boots clean? We recommend to use a garden boot cleaner. Just place your feet gently on the soft bristles of the cleaning area. Then, the garden shoe cleaner can remove dirt in 3 seconds, and your boots looked new.

2. Garden pests

A gardener should always be ware of pests in the garden to ensure the health of plants. Any signs of garden pests should be treated with organic pesticides immediately.

3. Trim the edges of the lawn

It’s to prevent the garden from appearing cluttered. One of the best ways to trim the lawn is to trim the edges and prevent unnecessary plant growth by regular pruning. The well-manicured lawn edge makes the garden look neat and magnificent. However, the grass grows particularly fast after the rain. If we choose to mow the lawn after the rain, the boot and shoe will inevitably be covered with moist soil. In this case, after mowing the lawn, our heavy duty shoes cannot enter the house immediately. At the very least we have to scrape most of the soil off the garden shoe scraper mat. In general, we can place the cast iron garden shoe scraper before the entrance to the house. At this time, there is wet soil on the boot and shoe, so you can dry them for a while. Before start shoes clean, remove dirt and soil that has caked. Then, use boot brushes with soft bristles dipped in water to clean it. After washing the heavy duty shoes, put them in a cool place to dry naturally. And do not expose them to the sun!

4. Add gypsum

You can add gypsum to your garden soil. This soft white or gray material is rich in calcium and can replace the sodium in clay. Gypsum promotes soil improvement and crop growth by reducing the exchangeable sodium content in clay.

5. Mowing the grass correctly

One of the most important things a gardener should know is the cutting height required for different types of grass. Determine how much we should cut a particular grass to make it grow healthy and strong. It is also necessary to keep the blades of the lawn mower sharp.

6. Natural fertilizer

Natural fertilizers are better than artificial turf fertilizers. Because the use of them can make the garden produce greener and healthier plants. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, they do not emit chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment. And natural fertilizers do not. It smells like artificial fertilizer.

7. Organic fruits and vegetables

Growing different types of organic fruits and vegetables can help improve the garden. Because these vegetables can be handled through a wide range of environmentally friendly pest control options. Also, it increases the productivity of the lawn because we can easily use these plants for consumption. After picking the vegetables, the shoes will inevitably be stained with dirt. Before going home to cook them, you first need to clean up most of the dirt on boot scrapers. But after simple shoes clean, you still can’t directly enter the kitchen. Because there is still moist soil on the boots. At this time, if you don’t want to change your shoes, I recommend you use a garden boot cleaner. When you approach it, it will run automatically. But when you leave, the garden shoe cleaner will automatically stop. So don’t worry about the power consumption. You can click here to learn more product details. Also, there are other kinds of shoe cleaners, such as shoe scrubber, which has boot brushes with soft bristles. But it doesn’t have any scraper mat and can’t absorb water. So you still need to change your boots before going indoor.
garden boot cleaner

8. Watering the lawn

Watering your lawn regularly is much healthier than watering it only a few times a week. Deep watering helps water penetrate deep into the soil, making the lawn firmer. A good way is to water the lawn when three inches of soil dries up.

9. Inflatable lawn

Regularly aerating the lawn will not only help keep the grass green, but also make the turf healthier. By making a 3-inch hole in the lawn, you can get rid of the problems of circulating drainage and nutrient absorption. It also prevents any layer of dead plants from growing on the lawn.

10. Vines

Especially in summer, using grapevines is an effective way to provide shade. In addition to giving people a pleasant feeling, it can also be easily intertwined with scented flowers such as jasmine, bringing a fragrant scent to your garden.
After reading the 10 garden maintenance tips, I believe everyone is very clear. A beautiful and clean garden takes time and effort to take care of. When nothing is wrong, take free time to maintain Garden!
In America, people also attach great importance to lawns and gardens. They not only arranged the garden very beautifully, but also kept the lawn very level. In the United States, if a private lawn grows beyond a certain height, it will be fined. So there is the profession of lawn mower. Here is the garden of our American friend.

garden boot cleaner

In front of the door is a slope lawn with a big tree. There is a garden at the back of the house, with various kinds of flowers planted. It is the season when the flowers are blooming. The red, yellow, and pink are really beautiful. A burst of fragrance came, refreshing, and it turned out to be the floral scent of the Elaeagnus. The early morning here is very quiet, with only sunshine, birdsong, blue sky and white clouds. On the big tree in the backyard, squirrels often come to play, a scene of harmony between man and nature.

The lawn has already been laid with automatic watering pipes and set a fixed watering time, so it is very convenient to maintain, only some corners need to be watered manually. Living in such an environment is really a comforting thing.

How to clean muddy boots?

There are many cases when your shoes are easy to be muddy and need cleaning. So how can we easily clean boots and shoes for indoor outdoor use?

1. Cleaning your hiking boots.

For those who love mountain climbing, hiking boots are must-have equipment. Returning from the travel, are you still immersed in memories of outdoor beauty? However, please don’t forget the stuff you walked with. You need to clean and maintain the muddy footwear after using it to keep it long service life. Hiking boots are made of a wide range of materials, how can we clean them?

1.1 Common methods

First of all, you can use a metal frame automatic boot cleaner machine before entering the room. This muddy boots cleaner can wash the bottom and sides of shoes with water. Also, the boot brush scraper is the right choice. It can’t clean the boot and shoe, but removes dirt and mud on them. After that, enter the room and take off the shoes. Let the muddy footwear dry naturally, or place it outside to speed up drying. Also, you can stuff newspaper into the shoes and boots to absorb moisture.

Never put wet hiking shoes directly near a heat source, such as a fire or heater. Otherwise, leather boots will shrink and your hiking shoes will become smaller or show signs of cracking. After drying, then it’s time to begin cleaning your hiking boots. Use heavy gauge stiff bristle brushes to remove dirt and mud on heavy duty shoes. For the stolen soil in hidden places and crevices, you can use old toothbrushes. Finally, put some baking soda into the clean boot to eliminate moisture and odor.

1.2 Maintenance of different materials hiking boots

For heavy duty suede leather boots, you’d better make the shoe cleaning with a damp cloth or boot brush. Let them dry naturally at night, and do not expose them to the sun or close to heat sources. For this kind of shoe maintenance, you can use a button or suction sprayer to spray water repellent, a water repellent compound or liquid oil. After each washing and maintenance, gently use the scrubber brush to restore the surface texture of the leather boots.

For textile fabric hiking boots, use a shoe brush to remove the dust on the outer fabric gently. Then, use a brush or damp cloth to clean boot. Adopt a push-button or suction sprayer to restore water repellency to the boots and shoes. Finally, don’t expose them to the sun; it’s best to let them dry naturally at night.

However, cleaning smooth grainy leather boots is slightly different besides the cleaning steps of suede shoes above. For this kind of boot and shoe maintenance, you can use a button or suction sprayer to spray water repellent. Then, apply a layer of shoe polish, preferably a non-oil-based care solution. Apply a thin layer of polish evenly on the shoes and boots. As we all know, this is much better than applying a thick layer all at once. Then, use a brush to restore the texture of the shoe surface gently.

Lastly, please confirm that the hiking boots are completely dry before the storage to avoid mold. The other is to fill the shoes with waste paper, but not too tight. And it’s best to stuff newspaper to the upper of the high-top hiking shoes. The purpose of this is to prevent the boots from deforming after being placed for a long time.

2. Cleaning your dirty work boots

People who work in gardens and construction sites have work boots that are always easy to get muddy. For these shoes of indoor outdoor use, there are many methods to clean them.

2.1 Remove mud and dirt on shoes

After walking around in the garden, the shoes will definitely be covered with dirt and mud. If you don’t clean boot before entering the room, it will be an indeed disaster! So what can you do to make the shoe cleaning?

First of all, try your best to remove dirt on the bottom and sides of the muddy boots. There are usually two choices. One is the boot scraper, which is easy to make and use. It can be pretty simple like a horizontal metal plate, standing on the lawn. Before entering the house, rub your shoes against the boot scraper to remove mud.

The other is automatic boot scrubber, which has a heavy gauge metal frame, durable hardwood, treated maple finish and stiff bristle brushes. For example, Rhino Bilt model boot mud cleaner connects a water pipe, removes dirt and mud by the scrubber brush scraper. As a muddy boots cleaner, it cleans mud from shoe soles thoroughly. However, it also has some shortcomings. For example, water splashed during the boot cleaning process. And the muddy footwear must be waterproof. Otherwise, the water will get into the shoes. So, it has unique requirements for the material of the boot. Besides, after using this muddy boots cleaner, the shoe soles are wet. You can’t directly enter the room, but let it dry naturally, which needs a long time.

2.2 Automatic boot cleaner

After the initial removal of the mud, you can step on the automatic boot and shoe cleaner. It has two main parts, boot wash station, and quick dry area. For Glikon automatic boot mud cleaner, when you come close to the machine, it starts working. Because there is a microwave sensor in the boot and shoe cleaner, it senses your approach and reacts. Then, dip the brush scraper in the water and begin the cleaning process. Boot brushes on the shoe sole cleaner are long enough to wash the bottom and sides. You only need to stand on the boot cleaning area for three seconds, 99.9% of dirt can be removed.

This boot mud cleaner not only can wash a wide range of shoes with different materials, but also has a function of quick dry. After cleaning your work boots, go to the next area where has strong absorbent cotton. So your muddy boots will soon be clean and dry. Then, you can directly enter the room without fouling the floor.

Why choosing Glikon motorized boot cleaner?

1. Product name

Glikon motorized boot cleaner is also known as a shoe sole cleaner machine, industrial boot wash station, and automatic shoe cleaner.

2. Industrial wash station value

Improve the image of the workshop

The stainless steel work boot cleaner adopts a combination of advanced rotating brush and unique water circulation cleaning technology. It can quickly remove dirt and dust particles on the different type of footwear. Users pass through the motorized shoe cleaner, which can effectively clean the sole. This shoe cleaning method is fast, efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. You only need to invest the price of one washing machine at a time, and you can use it for a long time. For factories, this not only effectively reduces production costs but also has the following benefits.

First of all, the industrial wash station helps improve the cleanliness of the workshop floor and the controlled environment. Secondly, it enhances production process conditions and product quality. Moreover, the stainless steel industrial boot wash system also enhances the image of the workshop. When someone visits the food service factory, we no longer have to bow our heads and wear shoe covers. Also, it will not be troublesome because the sticky mat does not completely remove dust and dirt.

Improve the cleanliness of the work area

In a controlled environment, people are the biggest polluters. The falling particles from their boot and shoe accumulate on the floor. And the motorized boot cleaner significantly reduces all kinds of dirt, boot and shoe marks on the ground due to the sole stepping. It achieves the shoe cleaning and absorption; the whole process is done in one go. And the cleanroom shoe cleaner does not affect the efficiency of the workshop personnel. It cuts off and controls the entry of important pollutants on the work boot and shoe into the workshop from the source. The practice has proved that the Glikon automatic shoe cleaners effectively cut off the source of dust pollution and greatly improve the cleanliness of the work area. And they may reduce all kinds of dust and dirt brought by a different type of footwear on the workshop ground by more than 80%.

3. Cleanroom shoe cleaner installation

Suppliers install them at the entrance of the dust-free workshop, food service factory and laboratory; in the air shower, before gowning rooms. We can also connect it with a wall mounting hand wash station with hand sinks. When people wash hands in wall mount hand sinks, they may stay for several seconds. At the same time, industrial wash stations clean your boots, no need for extra time.

4. Motorized boot cleaner application industries

Glikon automatic shoe cleaners mainly provide ideal solution of sole pollution for automobiles, electronics, food service, medical equipment, and other manufacturers. We can customize the size of the industrial washing area and the quick-dry area according to a variety of different use environments. And it satisfies the use of demand to a greater extent. The work boot cleaner adopts intelligent work and is equipped with a fully automatic induction switch, which can effectively save energy. There is no need for a dedicated person to look after the washing machine, thereby reducing management costs.

The industrial motorized shoe cleaner can clean any sole, especially suitable for cleaning shoes and boots with deep soles. For example, labor shoes, boots, sports shoes, etc. People widely use them in food service factories with wall mounting hand sinks, gowning rooms, automotive, electronic industries, and other dust-free workshops with higher requirements. At the same time, we can also use the industrial wash station in various workshops or construction sites with high environmental conditions.

5. Industrial wash station using guide

The industrial version of the motorized boot cleaner is mainly divided into two parts: the washing station and the quick-dry area. Also, we can customize the dimension of them and provide ideal solution to meet different using conditions.

When users pass through the sensor, the motorized shoe cleaner begins to work. Then, they stand in the industrial washing station for 2-3 seconds. At this time, the rotating brush circulates with water to achieve the effect of automatically cleaning your leather work boots. Then, if people directly go to gowning rooms, there will be water on the floor. If let shoes and boots air dry naturally, it takes too much time. So we make the quick dry area with strong absorbent cotton. They stay 1-2 seconds in it, the water stains on the sole are absorbed. Finally, step off the work boot cleaner and complete the entire cleaning process. Of course, if we appropriately increase the residence on industrial wash stations, the shoe cleaning effect will be better.

Some people may know that there are also other kinds of motorized shoe cleaners in the market. For some models, they have internal vacuum systems: built in vacuums and HEPA filter. Dust and dirt from shoes and boots are absorbed into a vacuum bag. Some have an external vacuum system, which the industrial shoe cleaner machine attaches to the cleanroom or central vacuum system. But users need to keep replacement HEPA filters and vacuum bags, and change them on time, maybe once a month. It makes the shoe cleaning tedious. By using Glikon industrial wash station, you only need to press the water inlet and outlet button, discharge the sewage timely.

6. Motorized boot cleaner features

6.1 High cleanliness

Reduce dust and dirt from the soles of the shoes and boots into the workshop.

6.2 Automatic start and stop

Internal control of the microwave sensor. When people come, motorized shoe cleaners start, people leave, they stop. So it has the effect of saving energy.

6.3 Water level control

Glikon industrial washing station has precise upper and lower water level control. It automatically adds water, no overflow and no dry cleaning.

6.4 Cleaning efficiency

Stay in the cleaning area of motorized shoe cleaners for more than 3 seconds. People queue up and enter in order, without affecting the efficiency of commuting.

6.5 Reduced consumables

The workshop with gowning rooms no longer uses all kinds of shoe covers, shoe cover machines, and sticky mats. There is no need to worry about the accumulation of dirt and dust caused by the repeated use of the sticky mat, and the polluting of workshop by worn-out shoe covers.

6.6 Easy access

Industrial wash stations are convenient for visitors to visit and inspection work for leaders. There is no need to embarrass customers or bosses to take off their shoes and wear shoe covers when visiting.

6.7 Easy maintenance

Generally, daily maintenance for boot cleaner machine is simple. And it does not require experts and professional tools to operate.

6.8 Reduce labor

It reduces workshop dirt and cleaning maintenance. Also, reduce the labor intensity, hours and number of cleaning workers.

6.9 Equipment safety

The water and electricity installation of the internal structure is separated by area, with overload and leakage protection.

6.10 Easy to install

Just connect the water inlet and outlet pipes, and plug in to use the work boot cleaner.

6.11 Durable

It has synchronous belt wire, American DuPont material Velcro brush and steel synchronous wheel. The rotating brush belt is durable, wear-resistant and not easy to break.

6.12 Sterilization

Users can add disinfectant and sterilizing reagents to the water sink, and use it as a shoe sanitizer machine.

6.13 Structural appearance

Stable and beautiful, with thick stainless steel bracket and shell, load-bearing up to 500KG. Industrial wash stations have safety guardrails (as passage guides) to enhance the image of the factory.

6.14 Equipment self-cleaning

The internal self-cleaning water circulation system of Glikon cleanroom shoe cleaner machine reduces daily maintenance.

6.15 Various specifications

There are a variety of specifications to choose from, supporting non-standard customization. It can be used with access control gates, air showers, wall mount hand wash systems, and so on. And we can customize the cleanroom shoe cleaner into a small trolley wheel shoe cleaning machine. It has become the standard clean equipment for many new dust-free workshops and workshop upgrades.

Why the best company uses automatic walk through boot washer?

With the development of the times, people have higher and higher requirements on product quality. Especially in food processing, medicine and other industries, hygiene problems are related to the health and safety of the masses. Besides, electronic accessories, new energy and other industries have the most strict control. Because it is related to the performance and high quality of products. Then, according to the needs, it generates the process of removing mud and dirt from shoes and boots soles. The traditional main ways to remove the dust under heavy duty footwear include shoe covers, sticky dust pads, changing shoes, etc.

Traditional dust removal method

However, the disadvantages of traditional dust removal methods are gradually revealed.

Shoe covers

People always use them in dust free workshops for one-time visitors reception. Shoe covers are suitable for a wide range of boot with different size. Even wearing heavy duty or muddy footwear, once visitors wrap them around shoes, there should be no dust. But as we all know, shoe covers are plastic products and are disposable. It is not only easy to abrade and destroys the dust-free environment. Also, replacing them every day is necessary, which causes white pollution. The issue of environmental protection in the current era is an issue that cannot be ignored as a citizen of every global village. Using plastic products as little as possible is conducive to environmental protection.

Sticky mat

First of all, as the number of uses increases, the sticky dust effect becomes worse and worse. This will also easily cause damage to the dust-free environment. Secondly, sticky dust mats are consumables. One mat has its own service life. When a certain range of boot goes through it, we need to change a new one, which causes higher costs.

Change shoes

When we require employees to change shoes by themselves, it’s challenging to manage them first. In case an employee forgets it, it will destroy the dust-free environment. Secondly, it takes a long time and affects the working hours of employees. Also, for big factories, it needs ample space to place their boots and shoes.

Employees make boot wash by themselves.

Employee self-discipline is uneven. And the shoe cleaning effect cannot be controlled, which is inconvenient to manage.

Epoxy resin floor cleaning

Due to a large amount of mud and dirt brought into the production workshop by the boot buddy sole, the ground wear is severe. Therefore, we need to carry out polishing, waxing and other ground maintenance frequently. The cost of refurbishing epoxy floors is extremely high.

Boot cleaning station benefits

In response to the above drawbacks of traditional dust removal methods, Glikon launched a boot cleaning station. It perfectly solves the problem of difficult mud and dirt removal. A one-time investment in a fully automatic walk through boot washer has so many benefits.

Energy saving, environmental protection and emission reduction.

Glikon stainless steel boot cleaner machine only needs a little electricity and 3 barrels of water per day. So the shoe cleaner contributes to the cause of energy saving and emission reduction.

Improve corporate image.

In general, we use the hygiene stations before entering the workshop or office. However, changes brought by using sole washers are not only visible at the entrance but also penetrated all aspects of the enterprise. A clean production area environment can enhance the image of the enterprise in the minds of employees and customers. Equipped with hygiene stations also reflects the company’s high quality requirements for the sanitary environment. If you have any inquiry of boot cleaning machine, please contact our sales team here.

Improve employees’ health and safety.

After using the walk through system to clean boots, it creates a better air quality production area. Hygiene stations with boot wash function can improve the manufacturing environment of employees and save the cost of air filtration. Moreover, shoe cleaning machines minimize the hazards caused by ground particles. Clean floors will reduce the risk of accidents.

Reduce customer complaints.

The industrial washing machine can effectively clean the sole. It not only improves the production environment. At the same time, the automatic boot washer decreases the failure and depreciation of machinery and equipment due to dust, ensuring the high quality of products. Moreover, shoe cleaning machines also reduce customer complaints due to product quality problems caused by unclean production.

Decrease cleaning costs.

The fully automatic boot washer performs shoe sole cleaning at the entrance. It blocks the way of the muddy footwear to enter the factory. Once the food processing, medicine, clean room or other plants install a boot cleaner machine, they can long term use it. There is no more need to replace sticky mats and shoe covers frequently. Also, the application of automatic walk through system removes the costs of ground coatings maintenance and manual cleaning.

Reduce the cost of floor maintenance and replacement.

After installing an industrial washing machine, it avoids ground scratches caused by foreign objects in the shoes and boots. This prolongs the use cycle of the enterprise’s ground coating, floor and tiles. Due to the extension of the maintenance cycle, it’s also useful for companies to cut down costs.


Glikon stainless steel boot washing machines are very effective in cleaning soles. We use the automatic induction walk through system to clean boots, which is fast, convenient and efficient. It has the function of fully automatic boot wash, rapid purification and strong water absorption. And industrial washing machines with bigger size have features of strong applicability and excellent startup. Thus, they are especially enterprise factories, office spaces of all walks of life. The automatic shoe cleaner has been committed to providing a convenient, fast, natural and clean indoor environment for modern life. By adding a disinfectant to the water tank, hygiene stations can be changed to sole sanitizers. They remove harmful bacteria, restore natural colors, and create an environmentally friendly living environment. Glikon has customers’ health and profits in mind and is always committed to producing high quality sole washers. This intelligent product has high efficiency and can quickly do boot washing to eliminate bacteria. At the same time, the shoe cleaner can also face most consumers and has the advantage of easily using. Not only companies but also personal houses can have a fully automatic boot cleaning machine before entering the room. No need too long time; it begins to work to create a more natural living environment. Any demand for customized boot cleaning station, contact our sales team for a solution.