Best Electric Shoe Shine Machine for Cleanroom N-SJ1340


1.Built-in design for air shower room.
2. Either automatic or manual mode is OK.
3. Strong cleaning capacity and stable performance.
4. 360° roller-type brushes with self-cleaning function.
5. Long service life and 1-year warranty
6. Warm-hearted customer service.

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Glikon’s Best Electric Shoe Shine Machine for Cleanroom N-SJ1340

What is the best electric shoe shine machine for cleanroom in various factories? It is an N-SJ1340 auto shoe shine machine. Let me clarify the amazing advantages to you one by one. As a professional shoe polishing machine, N-SJ1340 can offer you a perfect indoor cleaning solution.
This shoes cleaning machine can be built inside the air shower room. When workers enter the air shower room, the shoe soles can be automatically washed and dried within 3 seconds. In this way, no dirt and debris will spread to the production area.

Competitive Edges of Auto Shoe Shine Machine N-SJ1340

1. High-quality Raw Materials and Components

The main body is made of stainless steel SUS304 and Dupont nylon. The main parts include 304 stainless steel plate gold, equipment running motor, integrated controller, radar microwave sensor, water level sensor, DC high-pressure water pump, flushing inlet solenoid valve, synchronous belt brush, stainless steel drive shaft, bearing gear chain, stainless steel support bar, synchronous belt support drive ball, bearing fixed aluminium block, coral velvet super absorbent pad, high and low adjustable horseshoe feet and so on. Each part is strictly tested and integrated into the machine. All the high-quality components guarantee the long service life of the shoe shine station.

2. Innovative Technology Advantage of Shoe Shine Machine

The innovation and technological advantages of the boot brush station mainly include the following aspects. Firstly, it adopts a unique round-trip ball-type belt brush with a lift-up cleaning area design. It can attach the cleaning liquid or water evenly to the surface of the shoe sole for cleaning. In this way, the electric shoe cleaner won’t cause splashing or incomplete localised cleaning easily like the traditional high-pressure water gun or brush head cleaning equipment.

Secondly, it is remarkable for an efficient PLC control system and a sewage system inside the boot wash machine. The system can well control the pollutants generated during the cleaning process and facilitate users to clean and maintain. Its control system uses an advanced water level sensor and touch screen control panel to make operation easier.
All in all, with its unique design and advanced technology, the electric shoe polishing machine shines shoes effectively, avoids shoe sole contamination, and create higher value for customers.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability to Various Shoe Soles

With its flexible design and versatile cleaning method, the shoe shine station can clean different types of shoe soles, including dust-free shoes, leather shoes, anti-static shoes, dust-free boots, heavy duty work boots, and labor boots. Whether the sole pattern is light or dark, the automatic boot scrubber can effectively wash the sole. Equipped with different types of cleaning modules and bristles, the shoe cleaning machines can be adapted to the characteristics and requirements of different shoe soles. Meanwhile, users can set the operating parameters and cleaning process of the boot brush cleaner to meet their different needs. In this way, the daily shoe care will be much easier.

Besides, shoe polishing machines can work with different cleaning liquid concentrations to suit soles with different levels of contamination. The concentration of the boot cleaner directly affects the cleaning effect. For seriously contaminated soles, a higher concentration of shoe sole cleaner white can be selected for polishing shoes to improve the cleaning effect. For slightly contaminated soles, a lower concentration of shoe sterilizer can save the use of a cleaning solution. This flexible function of adjusting the concentration of cleaning solution makes the clean room shoe cleaning machine more adaptable to different scenarios and provides an efficient and economical cleaning solution.

4. Easy Replacement of the Consumable Parts

The consumable parts of the automatic shoe cleaning machine are all imported components with high reliability and long life. They include suction motors, belt brushes, water absorbent pads, controllers, drives and so on. All of the wearing parts are of modular design, which is convenient for replacement and maintenance.
Compared with the crawler-type belt brushes, the round-trip ball-type brushes are much easier to replace if they wear and tear. What you only need to do is press the brush replacement switch to rotate the brush. Then unscrew the screws one by one, and replace the single worn brush with a new brush. It is unnecessary to replace all the brushes in the cleaning area. As a result, the replacement cost and labor can be largely saved.
We have a perfect after-sales service network throughout the country, users can contact our customer service staff at any time to get help. Besides, each shoe sanitizing machine has a 3-year warranty. If necessary, we can provide users with spare parts, as well as replacement and repair services for wearing parts.

5. Convenient Maintenance of the Shoe Shine Machine

Common maintenance of the electric shoe polisher is as follows:
1) Filling water should not exceed the fixed water level so that the water won’t overflow and cause water ingress into the intelligent control box and motor.
2) The water temperature should be below 40 degrees to avoid damage and deformation of the brushes.
3) Don’t use AC220V with a leakage protection switch other than the power supply.
4) According to the frequency of use, wash and dry the absorbent cotton every one or two days.
5) Grease the gears and chains every six months.
6) Regularly clean the sediment in the sink to avoid clogging.
If you follow these tips, you will get the most value from the machine.

6. Higher Employee Productivity at Lower Costs

Using our shoe polishing machines can improve employee productivity in various industries. The boot and shoe scrubber can quickly clean the dust and dirt on the soles of shoes so that the soles of employees can get clean and dry.
The user-friendly design makes it easy to operate and use. The shoes cleaning machine also adopts a low noise and low vibration working mode to minimize noise and vibration disturbance and discomfort to employees. Through the use of the cleaning machine, employees can enjoy a clean and comfortable working environment, and get more work comfort and satisfaction.
Besides, the factory owner needn’t hire someone to clean the floors or to maintain the shoe sanitizer machine, which largely reduce the labor costs and improve work efficiency.
Therefore, the sole cleaning machine can improve the working comfort of employees and provide them with a better working experience. Don’t hesitate to choose the model you need, then add to cart!

  • Dimension(MM):  1340*768*145
  • Clean Zone(MM):  565* 480
  • Dry Zone(MM): 370*480
  • Water Absorbent Pad (MM): 370*430
  • Number of passer/minute: 15 persons/minute
  • Work Induction: Auto
  • Inlet Water Temperature: 1-40℃
  • Water Tank Capacity: 10L
  • Water Change Method: Manual/Auto
  • Sediment Cleaning Method: Dirt Suction
  • Suction Power: DC100W
  • Working Voltage: AC220V
  • Working Current: 1A
  • Motor Voltage/Power: AC220V/ 60W
  • Pump Voltage/Power: DC24V/75W
  • Pump Head: 10 Meter
  • Security: Overload/leakage protection
  • Brush Rotation Speed: 60RPM
  • Noise: <60DB
  • Main Body Material: SUS304
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 250KG
  • Main Body Life: 6 Years
  • Weight: 100KG
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Input Voltage: We will choose the corresponding voltage model according to the destination country of your order
  1. Water Absorbent pad *4
  2. Power Supply Line *1
  3. DC Converter *1
  4. Suction Motor *1
  5. Sole Cleaning Machine *1

Frequently Asked Questions About Glikon’s N-series Shoe Shine Machine

Q1: What is the best way to clean bottom of shoes with the shoe sanitizer machine?

A1: If you want to know how to clean the bottom of your shoes thoroughly, pls add some disinfectant or leather boot cleaner to the water tank.

If you wonder how to clean shoe bottoms, you should add some shoe whitener or bleach to the sink.

Then, just step onto the machine and walk slowly for 3 seconds.

you will find your shoe soles very clean and sterilized.

Q2: How can I select the best electric shoe polisher in our factory?

A2: If you want to select the best machine, you need to consider 4 factors.

1. Budget   2. Installation space  3. application 4. Cleaning capacity.

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