Shoes Cleaning Machine Shoe Sole Sanitizer Machine for Air Shower Room N-SJ850


1.Completely automatic design.
2.The quickest response speed.
3.User time and energy is saved.
4.Innovative structure.
5.Excellent cleaning and disinfecting effects.
6.Extended service life.
7.Convenient cleaning management.

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The Latest 360° Round-trip Ball-type Shoes Cleaning Machine

In August 2023, Glikon debuted the 4th generation of round-trip ball-type automatic shoes cleaning machines after our R&D team’s relentless efforts and improvements. Based on the 3rd generation of shoe sole sanitizer machine, the upgraded one has stronger cleaning effects, superior performance, easier use, and lower after-sales maintenance costs.

As a brand-new boot buddy shoe cleaner designed for air shower rooms, it is popular with customers at home and abroad. In this passage, let me show you why you can choose us as your long-term supplier!

10 Competitive Advantages of 360° Round-trip Ball-type Shoes Cleaning Machine

1. Easy installation and use

Before buying our shoes cleaning machine, many users may worry about the installation and use. Please follow my advice as follows.

First, embed the shoe sole cleaning machine into the air shower room. Then, connect the water inlet pipe to the water supply and the water outlet pipe to the sewage outlet. Later, the shoe machine can automatically add water and drain sewage when the operators walk on it.

2. Efficient shoe sole washing and drying

When workers step onto the automatic shoe cleaner machine, the ball-type brushes start to move forward and backward and scrub the sole of the shoes at once. Within only 1-2 seconds, your shoe soles are completely clean. Then the water absorbent pad can suck the moisture out of your soles. The automatic boot scrubber takes only 2-3 seconds to wash and dry your soles.

3. Excellent Cleaning and Sterilization without dead-end

Glikon R&D upgraded the shoe sanitizer station from the crawler-type to the ball-type.

With crawler-type belt brushes, the shoes cleaner machine can only clean the soles vertically. By contrast, the ball-type brushes can go back and forth to repeat deep cleaning, 360 degrees without dead ends. Besides, if you need shoe sterilization, add a disinfectant solution to tap water at a ratio of 1:100. Then your shoe soles will be 99.9% clean and disinfected.

4. Intelligent control, microwave induction

We design a microwave sensor module inside the front part of the machine. When people come near the shoe machine cleaner, the microwave sensor can detect it and start the machine to work. After people leave the machine, microwave sensors convey instructions for the machine to stop working automatically. It’s very smart and easy to use.

5. The Shoe sole sanitizer machine is self-cleaning without frequent replacement.

The automatic shoe shiner is self-cleaning. During the working process, the brushes rotate back and forth. While washing the sole of shoes, it also pushes the sediments into the sedimentation tank by the way. In this way, the bottom of the cleaning area can always be clean and won’t become a breeding ground for bacteria.

6. Wide Applications and long service life of Shoes Cleaning Machine

Glikon’s automatic boot cleaners have a very wide range of applications. They include home appliances, textiles, food processing, electronics, lighting, metal processing, etc. For outdoor sports lovers, they can also use it as an outdoor boot wash station. Besides, the shoe sole sanitizer machine has a very long service life of up to 6 years. Maintain it properly, you can get the most value out of your investment in the shoe sole cleaner machine.

7. Low Maintenance Costs and Simple Operation

The ball-type brushes are individually fitted. After wear and tear, just replace the surface of the twisted brushes. There is no need to dismantle the whole belt of the shoe sanitizing machine. In this way, you can save time and effort during the after-sales maintenance of our electric sole scrubbers. Moreover, we will send you a demo video about how to replace the brushes manually. It is very easy to replace the worn brushes by yourself. You needn’t turn to a technician for help.

8. Strict quality inspection and 1-year warranty

Each boot buddy shoe and boot cleaner is rigorously tested at every stage of production. Quality certification and performance tests will be carried out before leaving the factory. Only in this way can we ensure zero defects in product quality. In addition, we also provide a one-year warranty to ensure that every customer is assured of purchase and use.

9. Warm-hearted Customer Service and Fast Delivery

From pre-sales to post-sales, our customer service expert will always be there for you. We will offer advice on product selection according to our customers’ specific needs. Besides, we also provide troubleshooting solutions if the sneaker cleaning machine breaks down during use after the customer has purchased the product. Normally, pictures, text, and demonstration videos are available to customers for online guidance. Our highest goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

10. High-quality Shoe sole sanitizer machine at competitive prices

As a leading manufacturer in the sole cleaning industry, we keep innovating our machines year by year. As we are an OEM factory, the price is more competitive compared with our peers like Qeejoy. If you input shoe cleaning machine price on the Google search blank, you will find our prices are much more affordable than those on Alibaba or Amazon platforms. It is a cost-effective solution for your daily needs. Besides, our shoe cleaner washing machine has won many patent certificates of invention, and test reports like CE. You can always trust Glikon, which is an expert by your side!

  • Dimension(MM):  850*768*145
  • Clean Zone(MM):  350* 480
  • Dry Zone(MM): 340*480
  • Water Absorbent Pad (MM): 340*430
  • Number of passer/minute: 15 persons/minute
  • Work Induction: Auto
  • Inlet Water Temperature: 1-40℃
  • Water Tank Capacity: 10L
  • Water Change Method: Manual/Auto
  • Sediment Cleaning Method: Dirt Suction
  • Suction Power: DC 100W
  • Working Voltage: AC220V
  • Working Current: 0.5A
  • Motor Voltage/Power: AC220V/ 60W
  • Pump Voltage/Power: DC24V/75W
  • Pump Head: 10 Meter
  • Security: Overload/leakage protection
  • Brush Rotation Speed: 60RPM
  • Noise: <60DB
  • Main Body Material: SUS304
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 250KG
  • Main Body Life: 6 Years
  • Weight: 100KG
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Input Voltage: We will choose the corresponding voltage model according to the destination country of your order
  1. Water Absorbent pad *4
  2. Power Supply Line *1
  3. DC Converter *1
  4. Suction Motor *1
  5. Sole Cleaning Machine *1

Frequently Asked Questions about shoes cleaning machine

Q1: What is the best cleaning for shoes?

A1: With the automatic shoe cleaner, sole washing is very easy. Just step onto the machine, then it can automatically wash your shoe bottom and dry them within 3 seconds. If you need to clean and disinfect your soles simultaneously, please add some disinfectant to the water tank. In this way, you will never worry about cross-contamination inside the production area.

Q2: What shall I do if the shoe sole cleaning machine doesn’t work?

A2: Whenever you have trouble, please contact our customer service specialist. We will offer you instructions online by sending pictures, emails, and demo videos.