automatic shoe sole cleaning machine

Shoe Sole Cleaner Machine As Shoe Sanitizer Machine

Nowadays, people attach more importance to health and hygiene. Hand washing, UVC light disinfection, and using alcohol wipes are powerful measures of infection control. Glikon, as the industry leading manufacturer, has developed a production line to make high-quality shoe cleaning machine. And the shoe sanitizer machine can clean and disinfect various soles for anyone who enter the room. When people come near, the belt brushes of stainless steel sole sanitizer will start working by automatic induction. When people leave, it will stop immediately. Moreover, if the user wants to sterilize and clean bottoms of shoes, he can add water with shoe disinfectant to the machine. In this way, germs and pathogens are 99.9% dead. The shoe soles of people who go to the controlled area is clean and hygienic. Compared with UV shoe sanitizers, they are much more cost-effective and time-saving.

Using Bottom Shoe Cleaner as Shoe Sanitizing Station

The industrial shoe cleaner machine is always popular in industrial cleanrooms. During the outbreak of flu, we can also use it as a shoe sanitizer machine. Recently, researchers have found pathogens in the bottom of shoes about half of the workers in intensive care units. So without enough attention, germs and pathogens may spread throughout a healthcare facility. In fact, our customers in the food industry also treat the automatic shoe cleaner as the shoes sole sanitizer. This is because automatic shoe sole cleaners can help keep the workshop clean and sanitary. Thus, they think highly of our machine and customer service.

The body of the shoe disinfectant machine uses high quality 304 stainless steel. There is a clean water tank in it. If you want to use the sole cleaning machine as a sole sanitizer to avoid cross contamination, add the disinfectant to the sink and mix it with cold water. When you step onto the shoe washing station of the washing area, sole cleaners will automatically work. Then, shoes brush with sterilized water washes shoe soles to kill fungus and bacteria and remove foot and shoe odor.

To extend the service life of the automatic shoe sole cleaning machine,  you must use a non-acidic electrolytic water disinfectant. In this way, there will be no corrosion damage to the parts of shoe sanitizing station. This shoe cleaning device has a new name due to this unique application: sole washing. In the battle of preventing the spread of viruses, the sole cleaning and sterilizing machine plays a great role in our daily life. Besides, you can also use the UV shoe sanitizing machine to neutralize stubborn shoe odors! It can fit in all styles and sizes of your footwear. All in all, you can always count on Glikon shoe sole cleaner machine to prevent ground contamination in various places.

automatic shoe sole cleaning machine

The Benefits of Using Shoe Sanitizing Station

With an automatic shoe sole cleaner machine or ultraviolet shoe sanitizers at home or in the workshop, you can enjoy many benefits.
1) Free from cleaning the floor repeatedly, you can avoid the embarrassment of smelly feet due to surface exposure, and prevent the beriberi.

2) Besides, it is easy to use and maintain, you needn’t employ additional staff to do this job. Just turn on the shoe bottom cleaner machine by controlling the touch panel. In the soles cleaning area, brushes stained with water wash the side and sole of boots. In the quick dry area, the pad absorbs water. After then, go to the workshop without bringing dust and dirtying the floor.

3) Various shoes are acceptable. Whether you are wearing sneakers, trainers, high heels, or leather shoes, the shoe sole cleaner machine can wash and dry them without any damage to your footwear.

4) You can save a lot of time and energy on floor cleaning. Whether the sole station is for home or factories, the ground cleaning job will be much more easier for you.