Glikon Shoe Machine Cleaners

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According to different applications, our shoe cleaning machine are divided into 5 series.

1) The General series is a small-sized series, which is very popular for homes or small offices, hotels, schools, etc. They can remove dirt and mud on the shoe surfaces and various boot and shoe soles. In this way, cross-contamination can be avoided.

2) The Built-in series are specially designed for air shower rooms. You can either use manual mode or automatic mode to drain sewage. It depends on the situation inside the cleanroom.

3) The Passage series has 2 handrails installed into the boot wash station. They are mostly used for big factories, large-sized companies, and dust-free workshops.

4) The NB series is the upgraded type with high quality compared to the Built-in series. The crawler-type belt brushes are replaced by the roller-type brushes.

5) The NP series is the modified type better than the Passage series. This shoe sanitizing station can improve cleaning efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Anyway, you can choose the most suitable boot brush station for your personalized requirements. We can also customize the size and logo for you.

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All of these shoe cleaning equipment are developed and manufactured in Dongguan, Guangdong. From Pre-sales to after-sales, our team can offer you online instructions about product selection, shoe washing tips, shipping policy, and the maintenance of shoe scrubbers.

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