Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaning Machine

Free from cleaning the floor repeatedly & no harm to footwear. Avoid the embarrassment of smelly feet & beriberi infection. Get full protection & stay away from dust and viruses.

Why you need a shoe bottom cleaning machine?

With the improvement of living and working conditions, there has been a boom in the company and home decoration. Also, to get high quality products, we require work areas to be clean and dust free. In general, there are two methods to prevent floor damage and keep it clean. First of all, ask visitors to change their footwear before they come in. Over time, personal owned slippers become public. Customer reviews show it provides an opportunity for the spread of beriberi. And after guests leave, the host faces a lot of slippers, which takes a lot of time to make a full clean, disinfect and tidy. In the workshop, there are a wide variety of employees or visitors. They bend to wear disposable covers on each shoe sole and leave many rubbish every day. It’s not convenient and not environment friendly. The automatic shoe soles cleaning machine Glikon develops and produces is a kind of intelligent high-end boot washing product. It’s specially designed for home, dust free workshops, precision instruments, offices warehouses, laboratories, hotels, supermarkets, factories, etc. This stainless steel shoe cleaning machine can wipe up a wide variety of rugged soles. No matter what footwear you wear, motor driven brushes can clean the soles by walking on the automatic shoes sole cleaner with three seconds. This industrial shoe cleaner machine takes up little space, no dead angle, no need to lift feet, and can remove static electricity. It’s so quick for the products to finish the footwear washing and cleaning dust process. And when people leave the clean station, the boot scrubber stops automatically. The shoe sole cleaner machine is reasonable in design, beautiful in shape, advanced in technology, and easy to use. Assemble sole cleaners with air shower, and there is no worry of workshop and products pollution.

Industrial Shoe Cleaner Machine Features

Easy to use

When people’s boots and shoes touch the radar induction switch, motors drive brushes to clean by reciprocating motion. Stand on boot cleaners, and shoes brush is exposed up to 3-4 mm. The shoe cleaning machine brushes are stained with water, clean the soles and sides of the boots. After automatic sole clean, the sides and soles of boot and shoe are full of water. We design a quick dry area to absorb them. Go through the strong absorbent cotton in this area. So water stains will not be brought into the home, offices warehouses, or other work areas. At this point, the cleanup process is complete. When you leave the boot cleaner machine, it stops automatically and waits for the next person.

Fast Sole Cleaning

For large factories, they get thousands of employees or visitors every day. If the boot cleaning takes a long time, it affects the working efficiency. Our industrial boot wash station solves this problem. Within one minute, one boot cleaner machine can wash up to twenty pairs of heavy duty shoe and sole. For the dust free workshop, there is an air shower with HEPA filter before the employees or visitors enter into it. In general, it needs ten seconds to go through the air shower. If you get one industrial shoe cleaner machine in it, which only requires three seconds to clean. As a result, you can see, placing an automatic shoes sole cleaner in it doesn’t affect the entry time at all.

Safe and Long Service Life

The gap between motor driven brushes in shoe cleaners is about 19mm. It avoids generating dead angles, falling, and shoe washing machine jams during the process of using brushes to clean your boot and shoe. The automatic shoe sole cleaner is made of high quality stainless steel material. Shoe brush belts are blended with imported Dupont nylon and the new material developed by our company, which have excellent durability. The branded motor of the shoe cleaning machine is durable and energy-saving. This boot scrubber has intelligent control. When people leave the boot cleaning station, it stops. So it can extend the service life of the automatic shoe sole cleaning machine and save energy.

Shoe Sole Cleaner Machine Instructions

Shoes washing area

Our shoe cleaning machines consist of the stainless steel body, motor, water pump, sole and side brushes, controller, radar inductor, water level inductor, and filter plate. People go through the radar inductor at the entrance of shoe cleaners. And devices will automatically drive brushes to make full clean of the soles and sides of the boots. They are not like the vacuum cleaner, and wet brushes realize the function of cleaning dust. But even for heavy duty shoe and sole, our best footwear washing station can remove 99% of the dirt. We have a wide variety of sizes of boot washing machines for different use conditions. For small sole cleaners, people need to stand for three to four seconds. Otherwise, the boots and shoes will not be cleaned thoroughly. For big boot cleaners, people walk on the shoes cleaner machine at average speed. As long as the sole touches the shoes brush for over three seconds, it makes sense.

Quick Dry Area

After cleaning the side and sole, people leave the best industrial boot wash station. Motor driven brushes are stained with water, so the footwear is wet and full of water. To avoid stains on the floor, we design a quick-dry area next to the cleaning station. Put one absorbent pad on the shoe sole cleaner, and the pad will soak up the remaining water. According to the different number of employees or visitors passing through each day and the different sizes of boot cleaner machine, users prepare the best suitable quick dry pads to replace. Glikon has four existing models for easy footwear washing at home, in office, TV station, hotel, etc. You can directly purchase them online by clicking here. Other big dimension footwear sole cleaner products for industrial use can be customized for you. Besides, we also support customer service and one year warranty. For any demand or price inquiry, please contact supplier Glikon. Email Address: