Differences between Automatic Boot Scrubber and Industrial Boot Washer

1. The Definition of Shoe Sole Scrubber and Boot Washer Machine

Automatic shoe sole scrubber is a kind of new footwear cleaning device which can remove dirt, mud, grass, and bacteria. Especially during the outbreak of pandemic, we can use it to make long-lasting infection control. This shoe sanitizer machine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, not only at home but also in the office, laboratory, TV station, hotel, photo studio, etc.

According to different applications, there is a wide variety of shoe scrubbers for your choice. For example, the mine shoe cleaning machine is mainly used to clean the heavy duty boots for coal mine workers. It is one of the most common boot scrubber equipment in coal mines. And the boot washer is effectively waterproof, anti-static, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and easy to use. The boot cleaning station can be used for food processing plants, hospitals and pharmaceutical factories. People use brush boot cleaner as a hygiene station. They make footwear cleaning and sterilizing on this machine by adding disinfectant to the water tank.

2. The Working Principles of Boot Brush Station

For boot sole cleaner, when people step on the quick clean area, they trigger the induction switch. Then the solenoid valve will open, and circulating water begins to work. If the position of the shoe cleaning device is not suitable for circulating water, you can also add clean water to the waterline. At the same time, the motor drives boot brush cleaners for 4-6 seconds reciprocating motion. Step on the two side brushes, soft bristles on the boot scrubbers are exposed 3-4mm upward. Thus, boot scrapers can cleaning shoe soles and sides effectively.

When workers enter or exit the mine head, they come close to the stainless steel industrial boot cleaner. The human body infrared sensor works automatically (you can also manually press the button). It transmits the signal to PLC master, then output information, start the motor of the boot cleaner machine and open the high-pressure electric ball valve or water pump. People walk on soft bristles of s, and the shoe brush roller automatically scrubs coal dust, mud and dirt, and other contaminants on the boots or shoes.

People go through the boot brush station, the stainless steel boot cleaner machine and sole scrubber will automatically control the water, electrical and motor systems. They can clean the dust and grime off your boots in one go.

3. The Features of Boot Sole Cleaner & Boot Brush Station

3.1 Boot Sole Cleaner

The body of the shoe sole scrubber is made of stainless steel SUS304 plate through laser cutting, cold rolling, and hot melt grinding. The shoe cleaning equipment is beautiful in appearance, reasonable in color matching, durable, and long lasting. The whole original boot cleaner machine needs a 110-220V power supply during operation. In the current industry in the world, Glikon company has all rights reserved about the machines for sale, most countries are available including the United States. If you want to buy, add what you want from our shop to the shopping cart, or contact sales email address: sales@glikon.com. And our long lasting boot scrubber has reached the advanced international level! And we have received high quality customer reviews from users.

The shoe soles cleaning machine consists of two areas: one quick clean area and one drying area. In the footwear shoes clean area, people walk on it. During this process, the belt brushes dissolves, rub, and cleans the dust on the sole of boots or shoes repeatedly and continuously with bottom and side brushes. Eventually, the shoe sole cleaning machine achieves the effect of completely removing dust from the shoes sole. The quick dry area of boot and shoe cleaner mainly includes a piece of special material dry cotton. It can absorb the residual moisture in the footwear sole within 1 second. After completing this series of work with boot washers, employees can smoothly enter the workshop. The whole process should be completed in about 15 seconds!

1) Water Change Method

There are two ways to change the water of the indoor outdoor heavy duty footwear sole cleaning machine. On the touch panel of footwear scrubbing system, there are several colors indicator light of full, medium and low. And each color indicator light has its speacial meaning. Turn on the switch, the empty indicator light disappear, machine begin to work. When the “full” indicator light is on, it’s time to clean.
Semi-automatic equipment requires manual water exchange and drainage. For automatic shoe cleaning machine, there is no need. People stand on boot washers, bristle brushes on the shoe scrubber clean soles of their boots or shoes. After 20 minutes or more, the boot sole cleaner will automatically start the sewage high-pressure water pump. When the sole wash is done, the waste water will be discharged through the drainpipe, the heavy duty shoe sole scrubber automatically injects clean water to realize the automatic water change function!

2) Sewage Discharge Method:

After the shoe brush cleaned soles and sides of the boots, dust, and water are together and form sewage. After passing through the surface diversion channel, they automatically enter the sewage channel of the boot washing machine. Under the natural water pressure difference, the sewage in boot washers is discharged into the connected sewage pipeline! When all personnel enter the workshop through the industrial shoe cleaning device, the equipment will stop working at once.

3) Maintenance Tips:

For daily maintenance, wash the water basin of the scraper and cleaner twice a week. And it is to prevent the drain outlet washed by the boot brush from being blocked by garbage. There will be a small amount of residual dust on the surface of the boot washer, which can be rinsed with a small amount of clean water. For key maintenance, it occurs when you use the industrial boot scrubber for 3 to 4 months. You can use one suction vacuum cleaner to clean the sewage tank to prevent clogging!

When there is nobody passing by, the scrubber boot brush scraper stops working, and boot cleaning machine automatically enters the static state. Therefore, the sneaker sole cleaner will not cause a waste of resources. When someone passes, the footwear boot scraper removes mud and dirt on the soles automatically. After the person walks by, the machine stops and truly achieves the effect of environmental protection and energy saving.

3.2 Boot Wash Station

1) Long service life

The chassis of high quality footwear cleaning machines is welded with special stainless steel profiles. With a unique automotive chassis design principle, it ensures the precision operation of all parts of the boot cleaner scrubber. And its craft modeling is dignified and generous.

By citing variable frequency drive and electric control technology, each induction of the boot cleaning system has achieved a soft start and soft stop. It greatly reduces the impact of frequent startups on product components of sanitation stations. So that each drive component can maximize the service life, thereby greatly extending the life of the whole boot cleaning machine. The base adopts an ultra-thin design. It is directly installed on the ground without destroying the ground decoration in the early stage of installation. And it’s particularly convenient for footwear cleaner machine maintenance.

2) Easy to use

The centralized drainage design of the footwear boot scrubber solves the blockage caused by dirt collection in the pit wall. And it also better solves the corrosion caused by the pit moisture to the internal components of the equipment. Besides, some machine uses high quality Rhino Bilt boot scraper. Thus, it greatly extends the product service life of the shoe cleaner scrubber.

By following the walking-type shoes clean and wash concept, and there is no need for staff to stay on boot washers. You can quickly and thoroughly clean the dirt on the soles and sides of the boots by walking directly. As a result, this kind of industrial boot cleaner can be used in places with a large flow of people. And the channel footwear cleaning technology provides effective support for the standardization and intelligent management of large and medium-sized coal mines.

The shoe sanitizing machine adopt synchronous cleaning design of shoe soles and uppers. Besides, it integrates advanced flat channel shoe wash technology, and the sole washing does not leave any dead corners. Compared with the traditional step-by-step cleaning design of shoe soles and uppers, it has the advantages of high cleaning efficiency, good effect and no cleaning blank. Also, the boot washing machine has features of small size and compact structure.

The entrance and exit of the boot and shoe cleaner also use exclusive waterproof technology. Because it can effectively control the pollution caused by the water from bristle brushes to the surrounding ground during the use of products footwear cleaning machines.

4. Conclusion

Both shoe sole cleaner machine and boot cleaner machine are useful and helpful sanitizing solutions to keep places clean. The former is always applied at home, office building, hotel and other places to only wash the sole. And we often use boot cleaners in heavy dust or dirt places to clean mud grass, snow, gravel, rock, sand on boots and shoes. For example, It can not only clean the sole but also sides of the boots. But for some expensive and easily damaged shoes, you’d better not use it when wearing them.