In recent years, many factory owners have started to invest more in shoe shining machines for factory management. Though they may have different ideas, they all want to cut down on managing costs and usage costs. In contrast with traditional solutions like disposable shoe covers and sticky mats, the Glikon shoe cleaner machine can save up to 70% to 90% costs for factories.

shoe shining machine for workshop

1. The Automatic Shoe Shining Machine Can Improve Labor Productivity.

Imagine there are 200 workers in an electronics factory. Each worker has to work 8 hours per day. They have to come in and out of the workshop at least 4 times a day. Without the shoe bottom cleaner, each worker has to wear a pair of disposable shoe covers each time they walk into the crucial workshop. The process of wearing and removing shoe covers takes about 1 minute per day. For 200 workers, the total time is about 6 hours to 7 hours. With a shoe shining machine, workers can spend more time on major work tasks. As a result, the overall productivity is improved.

working in the workshop with a shoe shining station
improve the work productivity with a shoe sole cleaner machine

2. Reduce the management cost for the factory manager.

Some of our clients believe that any tiny dust particle or electrostatic ion can disrupt the manufacturing process of precise items. As a result, personnel must complete several activities, including electrostatic assessment, dust cleaning, and wearing clean flat shoes, among others. They must exercise extreme caution when dealing with single contamination. Even if they wear dust-free shoes, workers must carefully clean their shoe soles before entering the workshop. The product may get contaminated as a result of worker carelessness or oversight.

This makes factory managers stressed in the whole process of manufacturing. If the dust on the shoe soles is cleaned timely, then it will spread to each corner of the workshop. As a consequence, the precision products will get badly polluted. What’s worse, the quality and quantity of the products may be affected. Overall, the factory can gain less profit since the costs go up. With Glikon’s electric shoe sanitizing station, each factory can avoid more accidents and risks in the manufacturing process. Then, the management costs are largely reduced. It is cost-saving, isn’t it?

The shoe shining machine in the hall
The shoe shining machine in the stariways

3. Save More Water Fee for Sole Washing.

Glikon’s shoe sole cleaning machine is intended to use water more efficiently, so water consumption and associated costs can be cut down.

4. Reduce the defective rate of products

Since the auto shoe polisher can effectively prevent cross-contamination in the controlled area, the product quality is largely improved. It will be less likely to let the defective product flow into the market. In this way, the factory won’t suffer the loss of calling back defective products.

5. Extend the Lifespan of equipment for the factory:

By cleaning and sterilizing shoe soles, Glikon’s automatic shoe shine machine can help extend the lifespan of factory equipment. They include conveyor belts, machinery, and so on. As a result, the factory owner can reduce a lot of maintenance and replacement costs.

6. Health and Safety Compliance:

Keeping indoor clean and hygienic is a requirement for health and safety standards compliance.

By creating a cleaner work environment, workers can take less sick leaves. At the same time, factories can avoid fines or penalties.

management office of the workshop

7. Why shoe shining machine is more cost-saving than sticky mats?

7.1 The Performance Contrast between automatic shoe cleaning machine and Sticky Mat

The contrast between automatic boot scrubber and sticky mat

7.2 The Economical Cost Contrast between shoe sanitizing machine and sticky mat.

In this era, it is vital to make high-quality products for the survival and development of enterprises. As the latest shoe cleaning equipment, Glikon’s shoe cleaning station can improve the cleaning effects by 7 times more than a sticky mat. Meanwhile, it can reduce 60% the usage cost than that of the shoe covers.

Let’s take the annual cost of using a boot cleaning station in an air shower room for instance.

The economical cost contrast between shoe sanitizing machine and sticky mat

From this chart, you can see that using motorized shoe cleaner can largely reduce the economical cost by 90%. It is really a cost-saving solution for ground cleaning, isn’t it?

To conclude, investing in automatic shoe shiner machine can save more costs in the long term and improve operational efficiency for factories. Don’t hesitate to get one shoe cleaning equipment for your factory.