As the leader in the sole cleaning industry, Glikon has always attached great importance to the research and development of walk through sole washers from the first generation to the fourth generation. There is no such thing as a perfect shoe machine. By trial and error, all the technicians in Glikon work together to improve cleaning efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. After all, customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit. In this blog, we will tell you 8 improvements about the 4th generation round-trip shoe sole cleaner machine. Then you will see why we recommend the N-series shoe sole cleaning machine as your best choice.

1. Use Ball-type Belt Brushes Instead of Crawler-type Belt Brushes

Since we use ball-type belt brushes, the benefits that customers can enjoy are as follows:

1.1 Improve the cleaning speed of the automatic sole washer by 5 times

Compared with the 3rd generation crawler-type belt brushes, the latest ball-type brushes can wash your soles much faster. Why? Let me take P-SJ1130 and N-SJ1050 shoe sanitizing machines for example.
To start with, the circumference of a belt brush on the P-SJ1130 machine was 980mm. When the shoe machine starts to work, it takes 3 seconds for the rollers to rotate to give each belt brush a complete turn. Only in this way can the shoe soles get thoroughly cleaned.
By contrast, the N-SJ1050 sole washer machine uses ball-type belt brushes in the cleaning zone. Each belt brush is individually wrapped around a ball. The motor only needs to rotate for 0.5s, then each belt brush can make a complete revolution. Besides, the belt brushes in the cleaning area roll back and forth. To get the same cleaning effect, the N-SJ1050 shoe cleaner machine cleans 5 times faster than the P-SJ1130 machine.

belt brushes of old sole washer machine
ball-type belt brushes

1.2 More thorough cleaning effect 360° without dead end.

In the cleaning zone of crawler-type shoe cleaning station, there are many supporting bars beneath the belt brushes. The 21 belt brushes are mounted side by side on top of the rollers and support bars. When the machine start to work, the belt brushes will work together to clean bottom of shoes. The downside is that the gap between the belt brushes can easily collect dirt and grime, which can affect the cleaning effects after a period of time.
Only when the user disassemble all the belt brushes can a comprehensive cleaning be done.
As for the ball-type machine, the balls in the cleaning area are all independently mounted, with large spacing between the balls. The belt brush can also clean the water tank when cleaning the bottom of shoes with water and detergent. It can rotate 2 times per second in a cycle. The belt brushes automatically roll back and forth, so the sediment brushed off is automatically pushed to the sediment tank. In this way, no sediment will accumulate in the water tank.

1.3 Much Lower Cost of Replacing Belt Brushes

If the belt brush of the 3rd generation shoe sanitizer station is worn out, you need to buy a whole piece of belt brush. And the price of each belt brush is 45USD/pcs. And in the process of replacing, you need to remove all the belt brushes to replace them. As for the new belt brushes, the price is 5USD/pcs, you only need to replace the worn-out one. It can save more costs and labor costs.

2.Use durable filter cloths and discard the easily damaged suction motors.

This time, we try to discard the wear-and-tear suction motor and use a filter cloth to collect sediment in the sewage tank. The filter cloth is attached to the filtering net in the middle of the cleaning zone and drying zone. With the crawler-type boot cleaning station, the user needs to use the suction motor to manually suction and discharge wastewater. However, the suction motor is not waterproof, so if the user tilts the kettle in the process of using the dirt sucker, then water can easily get into the suction motor. As a result, then the suction motor gets damaged. Even if the suction motor is not broken, it can only be used for 200 hours. For this reason, customers have to repurchase the suction motor 1-2 times a year. With the filter cloth, you can avoid a lot of trouble and save more money. This filter cloth effectively filters dirt and sediment from the sewage sink. And the sewage will automatically flow into the sink. The filter cloths are very cheap and easy to disassemble. Users can rewash and reuse the filter cloth again and again. Let’s take N-SJ2000 for example, one filter cloth costs 2 USD, and the annual replacement cost of the suction motor is 96USD. But the suction motor is a consumable part, one suction motor may need replacing in 2 months. The annual cost of replacing suction motors is 210 USD. In contrast, the use of reusable filter cloths can save the after-sales maintenance cost by 55%. Besides, users can also reduce the pollution of the environment.
suction motor
non-woven filter cloth

3. Add a leveling device to the accessories of sole washer machine

A leveling gauge is used to prevent the shoe machines from overflowing water due to uneven placement. When installing the automatic boot polisher, users can use the leveling device to check if the machine is placed on a level floor. Only when the machine is placed horizontally can users avoid water overflows caused by non-product quality problems. This can effectively prevent machine failure and improve the user experience.

leveling gauge

4.Use the DN15 water inlet pipe and DN20 sewage outlet pipe, and add anti-backflow device.

About the water inlet pipe, the internal diameter is 12.7mm, and the external diameter is 20mm. As for the drain pipe, the internal diameter is 19.05mm, and the external diameter is 25mm. This design can help the machine add water slowly and drain sewage quickly.

Besides, the anti-backflow device prevents too much water from flowing back into the sink and then creating an overflow in the automatic sole cleaning machine. In this way, the machine breakdowns are less likely to happen.

water inlet pipe DN15 and drain pipe DN20

5. Change the slopes to the right angles in the front of the machine

In the mounting area of the control panel, the slopes of the old boot washer station are adjusted to the right angles of the new one. This adjustment won’t affect the function of the control panel, but it largely improve the manufacturing efficiency in the workshop. If necessary, we can also place a stainless steel pedal in front of the electric sole washer.

Shoes cleaner machine with slopes
right angles of the control panel

6. Various Styles of Handrails rather than Monotonous Handrails

As for the P-Series shoe sanitizing station, besides the previous handrails, we have added 2 styles of handrails: the door-handle handrails and the parallel double-bar handrails. The door-handle handrails have beautiful arcs and anti-collision function. Therefore, it is easy and safe for passers to hold and walk by. In addition, The parallel double-bar handrails have a simple and decent shape. They are durable and pragmatic for users. Besides, this design can improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. Due to the upgradation of the design, customers can choose the right type of handrails according to their needs.

360° roller-type shoe cleaner machine
paralle handrails

7.Add a white dirt scraper on both sides of the rollers of the water sink.

Due to the ball-type belt brush rotate back and forth, the main part of the sink can be brushed clean automatically. However, there is no belt brush rolling on both sides of the sink. That is why it is easy to collect dirt and mud on both sides of the sink. As a countermeasure, a dirt scraper is installed on the rolling brush shaft, which ensures that every corner of the sink in the cleaning zone can be cleaned without dirt accumulating. In this way, the probability of machine breakdowns will largely reduce.

dirt scraper on both sides of the sink

8.An extra lubricant is added in the machine accessories.

This allows the customer to add lubricant to the chain from time to time, which reduces chain wear and prolongs the life of the shoe machine.

special oil for bearing and chains

The Benefits of Using the Latest Automatic Sole Washer Machine:

Glikon has made 8 improvements on the latest ball-type boot wash station. All these efforts are made to give customers the best user experience. They improve the overall cleaning capability and cut down the costs of after-sales maintenance. In this way, customers can get the most value out of each motorized sole washer, and save more maintenance costs in the long term. For us, it can improve our corporate image and reputation.