Nowadays, people’s awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing. We adhere to the sustainable development strategy of green environmental protection and healthy boot cleaning. Conforming to the mainstream of development in the new era, people pay more attention to ground pollution. There are lots of feasible methods to keep clean.

Many factories have dust free requirements, so people have to use shoe covers, sticky mats and other supplies. The room equipment hygiene of shoe cover machine can temporarily dismiss dirty boots, keep the ground clean as usual. In hotels and houses, people use public slippers or shoe covers to control the dirt and debris. However, these methods, such as shoe covers and sticky mats, are not convenient for factories and other places with high traffic. And public slippers can cause the spread of beriberi and odor.

The design and manufacture of automatic and semi automatic boot washer can help people solve the trouble of mopping. It can clean the soles and sides of the boots before entering or leaving the place. At the same time, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on shoe covers and sticky mats.

The Application of Boot Wash Station 

The application of automatic boot washer is now more and more extensive. Firstly, it’s suitable for hotels, aerospace, television stations, studios, and houses. As clean room equipment, people use the boot wash station before entering or leaving it. Besides, we can add proper amount of disinfectant for cleaning and sanitizing shoes sides and soles. So, the boot wash system also has applications in labs, food processing plants, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, etc. This product is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel. It’s in line with design technology, stylish and beautiful. Stand alone boot wash stations are easy to use and compact. They will bring high efficiency, cleanliness, and convenience to all walks of life and households.

Infrared Induction, Economical and Energy Saving

The industrial boot wash station has a built-in fully automatic infrared sensor system. Customers can customize the infrared induction time. When people pass by, and the stainless steel boot wash station starts to work. And when people leave the equipment, it stops. It can not only save energy and reduce consumption but also decrease office costs. Besides, it’s economical, environmentally friendly, and promotes sustainable development.

Customizable Clean Zones

Glikon is a supplier in China. We design and manufacture stainless steel boot wash stations. In general, boot washers are divided into two parts: clean zones and quick dry zones. For the civilian version with a smaller size, the boot washing and drying area have the same size. And for industrial washing machines, they have a bigger size. You can customize dimensions of the two area according to applications. If clean zones are big, then the boot cleaning and sanitizing are more efficient.

After several years of development, we upgrade our hardware. Now, we use a ball-type rotating brush on the stand alone boot cleaning station. The brush rotates and moves back and forth to clean the soles and sides of the boots. So, it preserves the cleaning strength of the roller brush, improves the support strength. Besides, it does not collect dirt and debris. The round-trip operation of rotating brush solves the problems of boot washing dead corners, diving, and dirt accumulation. If you have any demand for automatic boot washers, please contact our sales team here.

Multiple Applications to Protect the Environment From Intrusion

Glikon’s sides and soles cleaning station is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel. It can be independently equipped with modules, and the rotating brush can easily clean various shoe soles. Moreover, there are few restrictions on the installation of the boot wash system . It can be widely used to clean dirty boots in various channels, entrances, gates, air showers, food processing plants, etc. Industrial washing machines or industrial boot scrubbers provide a reliable guarantee for improving production yield and effectively solve the dirt and debris to the environment intrusion.

   The Notes of Automatic Boot Washer

  • 1. In the standby or running state of the automatic boot washer, don’t use flexible objects near the brush. For example, towels, ropes, and hair. We need to be aware of brush winding. Also, don’t move the automatic shoe sole cleaning machine in these states.
  • 2. When hygiene stations are running, and an emergency occurs, immediately press the power emergency stop switch.
  • 3. Non-professional installers should not disassemble the semi automatic boot washer without permission.
  • 4. The industrial boot cleaning station is placed on flat ground for use. It is strictly forbidden to tilt the sole cleaning machine when lifting it.
  • 5. If the clean room equipment overflows during work, immediately press the emergency stop switch to turn off the water source and power supply. Then, contact the customer service center or sales team for inspection and repair.
  • 6. For automatic and semi automatic boot washer, you can directly add water to the tank or through the water inlet pipe. But other parts of hygiene stations cannot be filled with water. Otherwise, it will cause circuit failure.

Through the above in-depth analysis, I believe that everyone has a measurement standard when purchasing a brand of boot wash station. In addition to typical applications, Glikon can also provide professional solutions for customers. They can be customized according to their different production environments and installation locations to meet different customers’ diverse needs.