1. Product Name

Glikon motorized boot cleaner is also known as a shoe sole cleaner machine, industrial boot wash station, and automatic shoe cleaner.

2. The Value of Industrial Wash Station 

2.1 Improve the image of the workshop

The stainless steel work boot cleaner adopts a combination of advanced rotating brush and unique water circulation cleaning technology. It can quickly remove dirt and dust particles on the different type of footwear. Users pass through the motorized shoe cleaner, which can effectively clean the sole. This shoe cleaning method is fast, efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. You only need to invest the price of one washing machine at a time, and you can use it for a long time. For factories, this not only effectively reduces production costs but also has the following benefits.

First of all, the industrial wash station helps improve the cleanliness of the workshop floor and the controlled environment. Secondly, it enhances production process conditions and product quality. Moreover, the stainless steel industrial boot wash system also enhances the image of the workshop. When someone visits the food service factory, we no longer have to bow our heads and wear shoe covers. Also, it will not be troublesome because the sticky mat does not completely remove dust and dirt.

2.2 Improve the cleanliness of the work area

In a controlled environment, people are the biggest polluters. The falling particles from their boot and shoe accumulate on the floor. And the motorized boot cleaner significantly reduces all kinds of dirt, boot and shoe marks on the ground due to the sole stepping. It achieves the shoe cleaning and absorption; the whole process is done in one go. And the cleanroom shoe cleaner does not affect the efficiency of the workshop personnel. It cuts off and controls the entry of important pollutants on the work boot and shoe into the workshop from the source. The practice has proved that the Glikon automatic shoe cleaners effectively cut off the source of dust pollution and greatly improve the cleanliness of the work area. And they may reduce all kinds of dust and dirt brought by a different type of footwear on the workshop ground by more than 80%.

3. The Installation of Cleanroom Shoe Cleaner 

Suppliers install them at the entrance of the dust-free workshop, food service factory and laboratory; in the air shower, before gowning rooms. We can also connect it with a wall mounting hand wash station with hand sinks. When people wash hands in wall mount hand sinks, they may stay for several seconds. At the same time, industrial wash stations clean your boots, no need for extra time.

4. The Application Industries of Motorized Boot Cleaner 

Glikon automatic shoe cleaners mainly provide ideal solution of sole pollution for automobiles, electronics, food service, medical equipment, and other manufacturers. We can customize the size of the industrial washing area and the quick-dry area according to a variety of different use environments. And it satisfies the use of demand to a greater extent. The work boot cleaner adopts intelligent work and is equipped with a fully automatic induction switch, which can effectively save energy. There is no need for a dedicated person to look after the washing machine, thereby reducing management costs.

The industrial motorized shoe cleaner can clean any sole, especially suitable for cleaning shoes and boots with deep soles. For example, labor shoes, boots, sports shoes, etc. People widely use them in food service factories with wall mounting hand sinks, gowning rooms, automotive, electronic industries, and other dust-free workshops with higher requirements. At the same time, we can also use the industrial wash station in various workshops or construction sites with high environmental conditions.

5. The Users’ Guide of Industrial Wash Station

The industrial version of the motorized boot cleaner is mainly divided into two parts: the washing station and the quick-dry area. Also, we can customize the dimension of them and provide ideal solution to meet different using conditions.

When users pass through the sensor, the motorized shoe cleaner begins to work. Then, they stand in the industrial washing station for 2-3 seconds. At this time, the rotating brush circulates with water to achieve the effect of automatically cleaning your leather work boots. Then, if people directly go to gowning rooms, there will be water on the floor. If let shoes and boots air dry naturally, it takes too much time. So we make the quick dry area with strong absorbent cotton. They stay 1-2 seconds in it, the water stains on the sole are absorbed. Finally, step off the work boot cleaner and complete the entire cleaning process. Of course, if we appropriately increase the residence on industrial wash stations, the shoe cleaning effect will be better.

Some people may know that there are also other kinds of motorized shoe cleaners in the market. For some models, they have internal vacuum systems: built in vacuums and HEPA filter. Dust and dirt from shoes and boots are absorbed into a vacuum bag. Some have an external vacuum system, which the industrial shoe cleaner machine attaches to the cleanroom or central vacuum system. But users need to keep replacement HEPA filters and vacuum bags, and change them on time, maybe once a month. It makes the shoe cleaning tedious. By using Glikon industrial wash station, you only need to press the water inlet and outlet button, discharge the sewage timely.

Boot cleaning station

6. The Features of Motorized Boot Cleaner 

6.1 High cleanliness

Reduce dust and dirt from the soles of the shoes and boots into the workshop.

6.2 Automatic start and stop

Internal control of the microwave sensor. When people come, motorized shoe cleaners start, people leave, they stop. So it has the effect of saving energy.

6.3 Water level control

Glikon industrial washing station has precise upper and lower water level control. It automatically adds water, no overflow and no dry cleaning.

6.4 Cleaning efficiency

Stay in the cleaning area of motorized shoe cleaners for more than 3 seconds. People queue up and enter in order, without affecting the efficiency of commuting.

6.5 Reduced consumables

The workshop with gowning rooms no longer uses all kinds of shoe covers, shoe cover machines, and sticky mats. There is no need to worry about the accumulation of dirt and dust caused by the repeated use of the sticky mat, and the polluting of workshop by worn-out shoe covers.

6.6 Easy access

Industrial boot scrubbers are convenient for visitors to visit and inspection work for leaders. There is no need to embarrass customers or bosses to take off their shoes and wear shoe covers when visiting.

6.7 Easy maintenance

Generally, daily maintenance for boot cleaner machine is simple. And it does not require experts and professional tools to operate.

6.8 Reduce labor

It reduces workshop dirt and cleaning maintenance. Also, reduce the labor intensity, hours and number of cleaning workers.

6.9 Equipment safety

The water and electricity installation of the internal structure is separated by area, with overload and leakage protection.

6.10 Easy to install

Just connect the water inlet and outlet pipes, and plug in to use the work boot cleaner.

6.11 Durable

It has synchronous belt wire, American DuPont material Velcro brush and steel synchronous wheel. The rotating brush belt is durable, wear-resistant and not easy to break.

6.12 Sterilization

Users can add disinfectant and sterilizing reagents to the water sink, and use it as a shoe sanitizer machine.

6.13 Structural appearance

Stable and beautiful, with thick stainless steel bracket and shell, load-bearing up to 500KG. Industrial boot sanitizer have safety guardrails (as passage guides) to enhance the image of the factory.

6.14 Equipment self-cleaning

The internal self-cleaning water circulation system of Glikon cleanroom shoe cleaner machine reduces daily maintenance.

6.15 Various specifications

There are a variety of specifications to choose from, supporting non-standard customization. It can be used with access control gates, air showers, wall mount hand wash systems, and so on. And we can customize the cleanroom shoe cleaner into a small trolley wheel shoe cleaning machine. It has become the standard clean equipment for many new dust-free workshops and workshop upgrades.