How to Manage Your Own Garden?

Garden historian Richard Aitken said: “The garden has the power to save mankind.” In the UK, there are only three things that can cause traffic jams. They are: the Queen’s trip, the triumph of the football team, the Chelsea Flower Show to the public open. It shows British people’s love of gardening. The British attach great importance to gardening design. For those who don’t like social gatherings, the courtyard plays an great part in their home life. They would rather have a small room with a big garden. And there are many private gardens that have existed for two to three hundred years.

The average expenditure of a British fellow on gardening in his lifetime is 30,000 pounds. These money are paid for plants, gardens, gardening books, outdoor furniture and accessories. Even in London, where the land is rich in gold, the British never forget to carefully decorate the balcony with plants. And behind those magnificent mansions, there are private gardens surrounded by fences and cast iron gates with the “Private” sign.

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1.Garden Fertilization with A Garden Boot Cleaner

Fertilizing the garden’s soil regularly will help grow healthy plants. Composted fertilizers have lower risks of spreading pathogens in the garden. Although there are several fertilizers to choose from, you have better know which one is the best for your plants. After fertilization, the boots will inevitably get stained with dust, dirt or fertilizer. If you enter the room directly at this time, the dirt will definitely be brought indoor. So how to quickly and easily to make boots clean? We advice you to use a garden boot cleaner. Just place your feet gently on the soft bristles of the cleaning area. Then, the garden shoe cleaner can remove dirt in 3 seconds, and your boots looked clean.

2. Garden pests

A gardener should always be careful with pests in the garden to protect the plants.  You can also deal with garden pests with organic pesticides immediately.

3. Trim the edges of the lawn

Trimming the lawn can prevent the garden from appearing cluttered. One of the best ways to trim the lawn is to trim the edges and prevent unnecessary plant growth by regular pruning. The well-manicured lawn edge makes the garden look neat and magnificent. However, the grass grows particularly fast after the rain. If we choose to mow the lawn after the rain, the boots and shoes will inevitably be covered with moist soil. In this case, after mowing the lawn, our heavy duty shoes cannot enter the house immediately. You may wonder how to clean shoe bottoms efficiently.  At least, we should scrape most of the soil off the garden shoe scraper mat. In general, we can place the cast iron garden shoe scraper before the entrance to the house.
At this time, there is wet soil on the boot and shoe, so you can dry them for a while. Before start, get your shoes clean, remove dirt and soil that has caked. Then, use boot brushes with soft bristles dipped in water to clean it. After washing the heavy duty shoes, put them in a cool place to dry naturally. If you want to spare the trouble, just get the most efficient garden boot cleaner–automatic boot scrubber. Then you will feel it much easier to clean bottom of shoes after tiring gardening labor.

4. Add gypsum

You can add gypsum to your garden soil. This soft white or gray material is rich in calcium and can replace the sodium in clay. Gypsum promotes soil improvement and crop growth by reducing the exchangeable sodium content in clay.

5. Mowing the grass correctly

One of the most important things a gardener should know is the cutting height required for different types of grass. Determine how much we should cut a particular grass to make it grow healthy and strong.

It is also necessary to keep the blades of the lawn mower sharp.

6. Natural fertilizer

Natural fertilizers are better than artificial turf fertilizers. Because the use of them can make the garden produce greener and healthier plants. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, they do not emit chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment. Natural fertilizers do not. It smells like artificial fertilizer.

7. Organic fruits and vegetables

Growing different types of organic fruits and vegetables can help improve the garden. Because these vegetables can be handled through a wide range of eco-friendly pest control options. Also, it increases the productivity of the lawn because we can easily use these plants for consumption.
After picking the vegetables, the shoes will inevitably be stained with dirt. Before going home to cook them, you first need to clean up most of the dirt on the boot scrapers. But after simple shoes clean, you still can’t directly enter the kitchen. Because there is still moist soil on the boots.

At this time, if you don’t want to change your shoes, I recommend you use a garden boot cleaner–a boot cleaner machine. When you walk onto it, it will clean and dry the soles automatically. But when you leave, the garden shoe cleaner will stop at once. So don’t worry about the power consumption. You can visit our website to learn more product details. Also, there are other kinds of shoe cleaners, such as shoe scrubber, which has soft bristles. But it doesn’t have any scraper mat and can’t absorb water. So you still need to change your boots before going indoor.

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8. Watering the lawn

Watering your lawn regularly is much healthier than watering it only a few times a week. Deep watering helps water penetrate deep into the soil, making the lawn firmer. A good way is to water the lawn when three inches of soil dries up.

9. Inflatable lawn

Regularly aerating the lawn will not only help keep the grass green, but also make the turf healthier. By making a 3-inch hole in the lawn, you can avoid the problems of circulating drainage and nutrient absorption. It also prevents any layer of dead plants from growing on the lawn.

10. Vines

Especially in summer, using grapevines is an effective way to provide shade. In addition to giving people pleasure, it can be easily intertwined with scented flowers such as jasmine, bringing a fragrant scent to your garden.

After reading the 10 garden maintenance tips, I believe everyone can be a good gardener. A beautiful and clean garden needs time, effort, and great care. When you are free, just take action to maintain your garden!
Also, get a cost-effective shoe sole cleaner to remove dirt after you finish your gardening labor.

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