1. The Competitive Edges of Sole Cleaning Machine

1.1 Integrated Block Control System

The first difference between shoe sole cleaning machines from Glikon and other brands is the integrated block control system. Our stainless steel automatic shoe sole cleaner product uses the latest tech. It integrates many functions into a module, such as injection and drainage system, water level protection, working time control, sewage water exchange system, and overload protection. Until now, we have realized the multi-functional integrated control in a small machine box. The latest integrated module has reliable stability, precise control, high efficiency, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. And it’s an integrated operation control system that no other related manufacturer can achieve.

1.2 Glikon Sole Cleaning Machine Water-exchange Method

Our shoe sole cleaner machine is suitable to use in industries of pharmaceuticals, food, hospital operating rooms, precision instruments, dust free workshop, conference rooms, air shower, clean rooms, optics, hotels. Item code ZS-SJ001, 002, 004, and 005 products are mainly for public use, and other related bigger sizes are for industrial use. We can set new equipment to enter the water automatically. To achieve the purpose of automatic drainage, the sole cleaner for shoes should connect to a drainage pipe.
There are three protections for the shoes sole cleaner under automatic water change. They are no water protection, water level protection, and high water level protection. We can set the interval time of drainage and choose different water change method according to customers’ needs. And it can avoid some problems with no-water idling and overflowing water. In general, when the stainless steel shoe sole cleaner works for 0-60 minutes, it changes water one time.

1.3 Water Level Switch Fault Protection

When the motorized boot cleaner detects the high water level switch is closed, and the low water level switch is open, the controller immediately shuts down all loads. We use a microwave water level sensor with high reliability to protect the high and low water levels when it triggers three times. 1,2,3 minutes, the water level is too high or insufficient; the automatic shoe sole cleaning machine will alarm and shut down automatically. We can use the manual button to enter the manual mode, and the whole stainless steel machine product stops working at the same time. Press the drain switch again to restore, or automatically return to normal after 90 seconds.

1.4 Water Overtime Protection

If the low water level switch cannot be closed when the customer continuously adds water for the set time, the sneaker sole cleaner will report a fault (motor and pump operation prohibited). However, the solenoid valve of the shoe sole cleaner continues to open, and regular operation resumes once the water supply is normal. We adopt a high-reliability microwave water level sensor, three triggers to protect high and low water levels. If the water level is too high or insufficient in 1,2,3 minutes, we make sure that the shoe sole scrubber will alarm and stop automatically.

1.5 Shoe Sole Cleaner Water Pump

The water is pumped automatically after every set time. And this function can be disabled or enabled. The method of use is to press and hold the on-board button for 5 seconds to switch. After the switch is successful, the green light status changes. Flashing means disabled; steady light means enabled. And the pump is prohibited from automatically pumping water when disabled.

2. Shoe Sole Cleaning Machine Function Description

How to clean the soles of shoes? For the general public, we often get bristle brushes for sneaker cleaning to remove dust and dirt. After drying them, make the shoe care for long term using. But it needs to take off the shoes you wear while washing dust and dirt. So how to clean shoe soles when you go to the dust free workshop or air shower with dirty shoes? We highly recommend there should be a Glikon machine which provides the best automatic shoe cleaner service. It’s easy to use; people wear a pair of shoes step on it and then get 99% dust and dirt free.

2.1 Set the clean time

After learning how to clean shoes soles with machine, please try to set the clean time on your own. In general, you will get a default value when our new washing machine product leaves the factory. We set it according to the general shoes sole cleaning requirement. But you can also follow your needs and adjust it within 1-60 seconds from normal to deep cleaning. And the non-standard is set separately.

2.2 Water inlet description

It is using 24V pulse solenoid valve. It’s easy to get a long service life and stable performance. Adopting three consecutive triggers of microwave water level sensor, if no electricity, then no water inlet. So it can avoid sudden power failure, which causes water overflow of the equipment.

2.3 Shutdown function during no water

If the best new washing machine product can’t get the water level in 1, 2, or 3 minutes, it will automatically alarm and stop working. Preventing the waterless work, failing to reach the clean effect of dust and dirt free, shortening the equipment life, and other related damages.
Key instruction: there are 1, 2, 3 buttons, we adjust it according to the water pressure differences. They mean that the power machine automatic alarm and shut down if it doesn’t get the water level in 1, 2 or 3 minutes.

2.4 Manual function description

Customers unconditionally install the water inlet pipe and the sewage pipe. They can adopt manual water addition and sewage discharge functions, and make switch by pressing button 6. Besides, long press button four can cancel all alarm protection functions.

3. The Advantages of Shoes Sole Cleaning Machine 

Glikon shoes cleaner machine products will not smell after using it for a long time. In general, customers should adjust the time to drain and change the water, depending on the flow of people. We use grid support and landslide rapid drainage. So there is no residue at the bottom of the sump. Also, long-term using will not cause sewage accumulation and odor, which is not available in many shoe clean machines on the market.
Brush belt of Glikon white soles cleaner is integrally formed by vulcanization and has no joint. The length of bristle brushes reaches 8-10MM, and cleaning white shoes soles is more thorough without dead corners. Long-term friction of the shoe soles will not cause great damage, and it will last longer, will not break, and is durable.
Glikon sole cleaner has the brand new upgrade of Chinese core, independent research and development of core technology. Radar sensor intelligent control, no diving, and no dead angle, three seconds of rapid shoe cleaning, saving you every second. Simple installation and maintenance, super clean and durable!
Glikon Technology’s fully automatic intelligent shoes sole cleaning machine is suitable for all kinds of places. There is no splash, but fully automatic water injection and drainage, low power consumption, and good shoes cleaning effect even for white shoes. Also, it’s convenient to install, easy to use and maintain the machine in the later period. Glikon China independently developed the best sole cleaning machine that makes the environment better. The sole cleaning machine creates more value for the enterprise and makes the high-end atmosphere of the enterprise environment higher-grade.