The water-washing type shoe sole cleaner is simple in structure, ultra-thin and space-saving. Moreover, it has a good cleaning effect and is easy to install, to use and maintain. A washable automatic shoe sole cleaning machine consists of many parts. For example, stainless steel body, motor, water pump, brush, controller, sensor, water level sensor, filter plate, etc.
Since 2012, Glikon has developed and launched a shoe sole cleaning machine. It has made tremendous contributions to get the dust free environment of many large, medium and small companies and customers. Compared with other devices like the shoe cover machine, it is much more eco-friendly. Also, the stainless steel automatic shoes cleanning equipment will not leave any scuff marks.
Our rubber sole clean machine is suitable for many places; it removes dirt and dust for different footwear. Multile applications include home, clean room, air shower room, hospital, food processing factory, dust free workshop, etc. In Britan, people ofter use it as a garden boot cleaner. At present, we have updated the shoe cleaner item to the 4th generation. In order to remove dirt and clean white shoes soles at the entrance, we always keep innovating.
This entrance shoes cleanning system may be a bit confusing for companies that have never used it. How to operate, install, use and maintain the sole clean machine? Today, let’s make a detailed analysis and interpretation of the Glikon shoes sole cleaning machine.

1. The Installation of Shoe Sole Cleaner

1.1 Place the Shoe Cleaner Machine

After buying the brand new cleaner for shoes, you need to install it in a certain location. Besides, please put the shoe cleaning machine at a flat level.

1.2 Inlet and outlet pipes

After placing the shoe sole cleaner machine, please pull out the water inlet and outlet pipes by yourself. The water inlet pipe is a universal hose, which comes from our factory. It is in the sink under the strong water absorbent pad pad net board. While, the drain pipe is a yellow hose. Lay the cleaner shoes on its side. Then, connect one end of the water inlet pipe with the water inlet at the bottom of the shoe sole cleaning machine, and tighten them to prevent water leakage. At the other end, please connect with the customer’s water pipe. For this operation, please arrange the factory’s own handy man.
The yellow drain pipe has been docked with the washing machine at the factory. And the other end of the drainpipe should be connected with the drainpipe system. If you do not have your own drain pipe, you can use a four-point pipe to make the system. And then dock with the reserved end of the drain pipe. Make sure that the docking is complete and does not leak. After the inlet and drain pipes are docked, please put the cleaner shoes and boots equipment where you want to install it.

1.3 The Installation of Handrails

If you buy the sole pressing machine for industrial use, such as a food processing workshop, it has handrails. So, at first, use scissors or a utility blade to cut the bands of them. Then, place the beautiful sheath of the handrail base at the left and right guardrail holes of the industrial washing machine. Insert the corresponding foot of the guardrail into the air, and shake it to make sure the proper installation.

1.4 Power Supply

First, pull out the leakage protection plug (110V-220V) preset on the bottom of the auto shoe cleaners. Next, plug the socket into its own three-hole board. Then, turn on the switch of the board and observe whether the leakage protection socket’s indicator light is on. If the indicator is off, please press the switch button on the leakage protection plug. After opening, the indicator light is on, the sole press machine is powered on, and the installation is complete.

2. How to Use Shoe Sole Cleaner Machine

Install the inlet & drain system and power supply of stainless steel shoes clean product. After turning on the power, the inlet and drain switch, customers can use the automatic shoes sole cleaning machine.

2.1 Brush the white soled boots and shoes

When a person passes the radar sensor at the entrance of the shoe soles cleaner products, the electric shoe cleaner will automatically sense and drive the motor. The belt brush will drive the water that enters the sink through the water inlet pipe to start running and cleaning shoes. If the person walks normally on the brush surface of the boot cleaner machine, the brush and water can start to remove dirt and clean shoe soles. If you purchase a relatively small brand new automatic shoe cleaning device, please passers-by stand on the machine for three or four seconds. Otherwise, the shoe clean will not be complete. If you purchase large-scale shoes cleaning products for food processing workshop, you can walk at a normal speed.

2.2 Absorb residual water from the soles in the dry area

After brushing the shoe soles, people pass through the quick dry area with a water absorbent pad. The absorbent pad absorbs the residual moisture of the shoe leather to achieve clean and dry sole. Therefore, guests enter the room without bringing water. Due to the number of personnel, the product size is different. In order to achieve a better sole washing and drying effect, please reserve a strong absorbent pad for replacement. If the rubber boots dry area is particularly small, please add a strong absorbent pad of sufficient size according to your own situation.

3. Maintenance about Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaner Machine

Firstly, clean up the garbage and debris in the sewage tank every day.

Secondly, add grease to the motor chain of the shoes sole cleaner machine (marked on the equipment) every three months.

Thirdly, replace the shoes washing absorbent pad from time to time.
To achieve a better white soles cleaning effect, we must change the water in shoes cleaners every day to forcefully clean up the garbage. It is strictly forbidden to open the controller without guidance.

You mustn’t enter the controller of the shoe sanitizing machine.

Besides, to prevent the chain from corroding and avoid the fatal damage to the shoes cleaner machine, please fill the butter once every 2-3 months.

When cleaning the garbage on the white shoes sole machine, please open the sewage pump compartment from time to time.

Please clean the sediment thoroughly in the water tank for half a month.
People get tired after working for a long time. They also need to eat and take rest. Similarly, even the best boot washing station needs maintenance and upkeep.

Equipment that creates value for you permanently but does not require “oil supply” does not currently exist.

Based on this, if you want sole cleaning machine to create more value for you, please maintain it to achieve a better cleaning effect.  For any demands or sales service of the machine, please feel free to contact us.