Sole Cleaning Machine 1005


Add disinfectant into the water tank to sterilize;

Including automatic sole cleaning area & quick dry area;

Application: home, office, hotel, laboratory, electronics factory, computer room, TV station, dust-free workshop, pharmaceutical factory, breeding factory, air shower, etc;


Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaning Machine dimension can be customized for you.

VAT: Not Included.

Additional information

Weight 21.5 kg
Dimensions 103 × 66 × 8 cm

Glikon Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaning Machine Parameters

Model ZS-SJ1005
Dimension 1030*660*80MM
Sole Cleaning area 350*440MM
Quick dry area 350*440MM
Suction power 100W
Brush speed 110rpm
Storage capacity 5L
Material Stainless steel
Motor Power 90W
Voltage DC24V
Start method of belt Microwave Induction
Overload 25KG
Warranty: 1 Year