With the development of the science and technology, people have higher requirements on product quality. Especially in food processing, medicine and other industries, hygiene problems are related to the health and safety of the masses. Besides, electronic accessories, new energy and other industries have the strictest control. Because it is related to the performance and high quality of products. As a result, the needs of removing mud and dirt from shoes and boots soles grow. That’s why Glikon developed the automatic walk through boot washer and auto boot wash station to satisfy customers’ need. However, some people still used the traditional sanitizing solutions to remove the dust under heavy duty footwear include shoe covers, sticky dust pads, changing shoes, etc. In this aritle, I will contrast the traditional ways with our high-tech ways of sole washing. Then you will decide which way fits you best.

1. Traditional Dust Removal Method

However, the disadvantages of traditional dust removal methods gradually turn up.

1) Shoe Covers

People always use them in dust free workshops for one-time visitors reception. Shoe covers are suitable for a wide range of boots with different sizes. Even wearing heavy duty or muddy footwear, once visitors wrap them around shoes, there will be no dust. But as we all know, shoe covers are disposable plastic products. It is not only easy to abrade, but also destroys the dust-free environment. Also, replacing them every day makes for more white pollution. The environmental protection in the current era is a duty of each citizen of the global village. Using plastic products as less as possible is what we can do for a greener world.

2) Sticky Mat

First of all, as the times of uses increases, the sticky dust effect becomes worse and worse. This will also easily cross contamination to the dust-free environment. Secondly, sticky dust mats are consumables. Each mat has its own service life. When a certain range of boot goes through it, we need to change a new one. For example, you may get mad about how to clean muddy shoes with the sticky mat. In this case, you have to use more sticky mats. In the long run, it will cause higher costs.

3) Change Shoes

When we require employees to change shoes by themselves, it’s challenging to manage them first. If an employee forgets it, it will destroy the dust-free environment. Secondly, it is so time-consuming that affects the work efficiency of employees. Also, for big factories, it needs ample space to place their boots and shoes.

4) Employees Make Boot Wash by themselves.

You can’t expect each employee to be self-disciplined. And the shoe cleaning effect varies from person to person, which is hard to manage.

5) Epoxy Resin Floor Cleaning

Due to too much mud and dirt brought into the production workshop by the boot buddy sole, the ground wear is severe. Therefore, we need to carry out polishing, waxing and other ground maintenance frequently. The cost of refurbishing epoxy floors is extremely high.

2. The Benefits of Boot Wash Station

In response to the above drawbacks of traditional boot sanitizers, Glikon developed a boot cleaning station. It perfectly solves the problem of difficult mud and dirt removal. A one-time investment in a fully automatic walk through boot washer has so many benefits.

1) Energy-saving and Environmental-friendly.

Glikon stainless steel boot cleaner machine only needs a little electricity and 3 barrels of water supply per day. So the shoe cleaner contributes to the cause of energy saving and emission reduction.

2) Automatic Walk Through Boot Washer Can Improve Corporate Image.

In general, we use the boot washing station before entering the workshop or office. However, changes brought by using sole washers are not only visible at the entrance but also penetrated all aspects of the enterprise. A clean production area environment can enhance the image of the enterprise in the minds of employees and customers. Using hygiene stations also reflects the company’s high quality requirements for the sanitary environment. If you have any question about boot cleaning machine, please contact our sales team here.

3) Improve Employees’ Health and Safety.

After using the walk through system to clean boots, it creates a better air quality production area. Boot wash station can improve the manufacturing environment of employees and save the cost of air filtration. Moreover, shoe cleaning machines minimize the hazards caused by ground particles. Clean floors will reduce the risk of accidents.

4) Reduce Customer Complaints.

The industrial washing machine can effectively clean the sole. It not only improves the production environment. At the same time, the automatic boot washer decreases the failure and depreciation of machinery and equipment due to dust, ensuring the high quality of products. Moreover, automatic walk through boot washer can also reduce customer complaints due to product quality problems caused by unclean production.

5) Decrease Cleaning Costs.

The fully automatic boot washer performs shoe sole cleaning at the entrance. It blocks the way of the muddy footwear to enter the factory. Once the food processing, medicine, clean room or other plants install a boot cleaner machine, they can long term use it. There is no more need to replace sticky mats and shoe covers frequently. Also, the application of automatic walk through system removes the costs of ground coatings maintenance and manual cleaning.

6) Reduce the Cost of Floor Maintenance and Replacement.

After installing an industrial washing machine, it avoids ground scratches caused by foreign objects in the shoes and boots. This prolongs the use cycle of the enterprise’s ground coating, floor and tiles. Due to the extension of the maintenance cycle, it’s also useful for companies to cut down costs.

3. Why Should You Get An Automatic Walk Through Boot Washer?

Glikon stainless steel boot washing machines are very effective in cleaning soles. We use the automatic cleaning system to clean boots, which is fast, convenient and efficient. It has the function of fully automatic boot wash, rapid purification and strong water absorption. And industrial washing machines with bigger size have features of strong applicability and excellent startup. Thus, they are especially useful for enterprise factories, office spaces of all walks of life.

The automatic shoe cleaner has been committed to providing a convenient, fast, natural and clean indoor environment for modern life. By adding a disinfectant to the water tank, hygiene stations can be changed to shoe sole sanitizers. They remove harmful bacteria, restore natural colors, and create an environmentally friendly living environment.

Glikon is always committed to producing high quality sole washers for customers. This intelligent boot wash station has high efficiency and can quickly do boot washing to eliminate bacteria. At the same time, the shoe cleaner can also face most consumers and has the advantage of easily using. Not only companies but also personal houses can have a fully automatic boot cleaning machine before entering the room. No need too long time; it begins to work to create a more natural living environment. Any demand for customized boot cleaning station, contact our sales team for a solution.